The very very OUT - Net

Friday, April 16, 2010

I was very excited for the OutNet sale - heck i even cleared my diary for the day, that may be sad but worth the dedication. I am a keen follower of the Net-A-Porter brand, meaning i like to lust and drool over the latest additions. Their sales especially are quite good, a few times i have had to stop my self from processing an order (however cheap that MuiMui bag was, i don't take kindly to anything white - clutz). Anyway, i kind of sussed that the sale would be early early to "try" and combat the stampede. I mean this was a highly publicised event, every five minutes i was sent an email from either Marie Claire, Instyle or Grazia reminding me, and according to a friend it was also noted on GMTV.

I awoke this morning at 7ish, checked my emails at 7.27, i had received the email at 7.23am. So i dashed on my mac, bleary eyed and all, and logged on. To my amazement the 8 or 9 only bags on the site had been sold out, fair game they would be the first to go, as were with shoes. I managed to secure a Chloe coat worth something silly like £1,306 for a quid in my basket, but of course when the server painfully slowly led me to my basket it had sold out. To be honest, it went down hill from there. The team weren't quick enough to removed sold out items of the site, so i wasted time waiting for the page to load. Then the entire server went down, with a case of one in - one out system.

I eventually got back in an hour later to find the crap, however much i want to snap a bargain, i didn't see the point in buying a naff, ugly piece or a product to small/big. Huff, overall i'm disappointed, but hay, not as disappointed as the OutNet and all the bad PR they will get from this palava.

I'm sure there are many happy customers and good for them, i would love to score some of the many things on the site for a pound but sadly not for me. Yet i do feel for the women who took the day off work after being led to believe she could snap up a designer bargain for a quid, i feel your frustration and disappointment. Sigh.

Hopefully next time, if there is a next time, it will be organised better. They knew they would be swamped, why wouldn't you expand your server for the masses? hmm.

Oh well, like i said i don't do white and that gorgeous Chloe coat would have only spent more time in the dry cleaners than in my wardrobe! Luckily i got invited to the Mulberry sample sale next week, so i will save my pennies for that!

What did you think of the Out Net palava? If you managed to get your hands on anything i would rather not know :)

If you share my pain, check this out: The Out Net stole my Friday. There is support out there.