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Friday, April 30, 2010
This is the longest post of my life, sorry.

InStyle - June Issue

This issue of InStyle has the fantastic free gift of a Nails Inc. nail varnish. They are giving away three shades Candy (a baby pink), Mink (think beige) and Beach (a coral red). Usually they are quite naff to apply, but these were surprisingly quite good formulas.

Of course i set out to buy all three ;) but sweet, its all the name of research of my studies! I made a mad dash to Elephant & Castle WHSmiths on route to uni, to grab a shade of Mink, which reminds me of the new limited edition Chanel shade Particuliere. I bypassed the Candy shade, as i have about 15 other versions of baby pink in my varnish collection.

A girl cannot have enough Coral/Red varnishes.


Can't tell if i love or hate it? The Boy hates it. Which makes me kind of like it even more..
I reckon this will sell quite fast, if all else fails, put on a bullet proof vest and head over to Elephant and Castle.

Television Junkie

Seriously, i am the biggest television junkie at the moment.

Currently hooked on:
Outnumbered, The City, Glee, Mad Man and Ashes to Ashes.

Im the biggest Gleek
I want to work in the 1950's ad department
actually scrap that, i wish i could wake up the 1980's sing along to Duran Duran and fight crime.

The Times
I start my weeks placement at The Times next week, very nervous but dead. dead excited.
I think i may do outfit of the day posts for next week, what do you think?

My Birthday

Okay, fair enough, my birthday technically isn't until October..

The Boy and i are planning to go to Paris for the weekend.
Our birthdays are 12 days apart.
We have been together 7 years and haven't been on holiday yet,
i love to travel but he burns even sitting in the shade.
so Paris it is!

and i don't think my 21st birthday would be complete without a little Chanel ;)

Topshop Make Up Launch

Launches on Wednesday the 5th.
Going to Oxford Street branch in the evening, to do a little shopping, have a few drinks and hopefully a mini make over by Hannah Murray.

Bank Holiday Deals

Space NK- MAYDAY - Free Delivery
HQ Hair - HQHAPPY - 15% off orders
E.L.F - THEBIG40UK - Free Delivery over £10 with free lipglosses
Miss Selfridge - MSBANKHOL10 - Free Delivery over £40
Warehouse - FB10 - 10% off orders
Peacocks - 20% automatically taken off at checkout

Washing Make Up Brushes

Needs to be done, but it just takes so long..

Middle Age Women in Surrey

To the Middle Age Women in Surrey,

Seriously, can you stop trying to run me over in your 4x4, i would kindly appreciate making it to my 21st birthday.

Also, stop giving the evil eye when you spot my Mulberry bag.
Not my problem.

Thank you ever so much.