Monday, May 30, 2011

A short post to inform you of an amazing events taking place at various Topshop's around the country this week. Dazed Digital, the online sister of magazine Dazed and Confused will be holding workshops discussing the transformation of fashion and style moving online. Although i strong believe that the fashion print glossy format will be around forever and a day, its delusional to ignore the rising presence of fashion taking over the internet - who needs to be invited to a Burberry show when you can watch it at home streamed live to your Macbook whilst wearing your pjs? heh. With hundreds and thousands of nobodies (everyday you and i's) writing blogs commenting on the latest trends and runway designs, the lines of fashion critique and comments are somewhat becoming blurred. But i think thats exciting right? 

Topshop says:

Join the Dazed Digital team as they be talk us through their role in representing fashion in the digital age. From generating the largest independent fashion week coverage four times a year, with rolling show reports from all fashion capitals, to keeping the Dazed DNA alive by supporting and highlighting new design and photography talent.

Get an insight into the world of online fashion publishing and get advice on how to make the most of your photographs online.

Liverpool - Wednesday 1st June, 6-7pm
London Oxford Circus - Thursday 2nd June, 6-7 pm
Dublin - Friday 3rd June, 6-7pm
Manchester Arndale - Thursday 9th June, 6-7pm

If you are looking to pursue a career within the fashion or publishing industry i strongly suggest you pop on down, or even if you intrigued by the advice for your blog. Publishing isn't just on paper anymore, whilst fashion survived solely on print before, online is a whole new world. I shall definitely be hotfooting it over straight from work, especially so as Dazed and Confused was founded by Jefferson Hack and Rankin whilst they were students at London College of Print - my ends, i've literally just studied for my magazine publishing degree. Topshop do some fabulous free fashion events, its definitely in my eyes worth a visit! 

Will you be popping along? 
I think i might do a separate ramble on print vs blogs, slightly bias of course!