Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I've been searching, looking up, down, all around for that shade, the fine balance between baby pink and light tones of coral. No chunks of glitter please, but a rather lovely shimmer to highlight and to create that subtle flush of colour that pops on the apples of the cheek, brightening your complexion and creating the perfect sun-kissed glow. Not too peachy, definitely not orange, but not quite bubble gum pink. You know that blush? I do, i just haven't found it just yet, but i found some lovely contenders along the way..

Jemma Kidd - 5th Avenue - (£12.00) 

I have religiously used this blush since i bought it, becoming a firm favourite in my make-up bag. It deposits the right amount of coral pop on your cheeks without being crazy, something i can apply in a 2 minute rush without worrying. I can rely on it to go with any look, it instantly adds warmth and a healthy glow. The shimmer is barely there in a good way, adding a highlighting effect without becoming a disco ball. Highly recommend. 

Bobbi Brown - Calypso Coral (£17.00)

Do not be fooled but its tangerine screaming allure in the pan, it translates in to a lovely bright shade of wearable coral. A soft cream consistency, it best to apply with a stippling brush rather than fingers - as it is so bright. It easily blended, but less is the more definitely being the way to go. This certainly packs a punch in both the winter and summer months! 

Elf - Candid Coral (£3.50)

Similar in style to the Nars blush packaging, don't let Candid Coral fool you into thinking the same with pigmentation. A very, very sheer light shade of coral which can be built up. But honestly, i like the sheerness. It adds a hint of colour to the cheeks, very natural for the summer or to simply accompany a heavy eye or lip. It also doubles up as a highlighter too, with a slight shimmer. Just pretty really!

Nars - Deep Throat (£21.50)

If i could choose one blush to last me forever more, it would be this badboy. Ignore the filthy connotations of its title, Deep Throat is as pretty as can be. If you are yet to step into the world of Nars, let this be your first purchase. Ignore the hype around Orgasm, Deep Throat is personally my all time favourite. Not only is the shade the perfect mix of pinky coral, it has amazing pigmentation and the only blush i find, to last through an entire working day. Non-offensive baby pink with a slight shimmer and tinge of coral, this is your must-have.

If your a bit sceptical of the price, look out for an ASOS discount where its sold online or alternatively, Nars do some fabulous value gift sets that nine times out of ten contain Deep Throat, alongside some other Nars iconic products.

Nars - Gina (£21.50)

The mistaken free Nars blush that ASOS sent me in a strange cock-up. Gina is borderline orange, straying away from coral. It looks almightily scary, but i wasn't going to pass up a freebie. To be honest i haven't used it a great deal, simply because it is so shockingly orange. And with such strong pigmentation i need to use a gentle hand, although it does i must admit blend out rather well. I think i'll reserve this for when i've built up more of a tan, and resist looking like a orange zebra.  

Nars - Gilda (£21.50)

The blush i originally ordered, but they didn't send. It did however make its way to me in the end, and like Gina its still waiting to be used on a more sunkissed face. A more reddish orange, its less bright as the other corals i own, more dusty shall we say. Serious blending and very natural eyes needed, but alas still very pretty, and rather different.

Laura Mercier - Lotus Pink (£20.50)

My love affair with Laura Mercier continues. This blusher was made to stand out. When i say pink pop, i i'm not kidding. A slight reflex of coral (how did you not guess?) it is crazy, flamboyantly beautiful! I need to start using this more. It's Deep Throats much brighter brighter cousin - the Space NK sales assistant assured me, of course, i'll buy it!

Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour - Oleander (£18.50)

A dusty rose pink made for winter months, its not as light in consistency as the Bobbi Brown, meaning it needs a dab on the back of your hand in order to deposit the right amount on the cheek. It may not look all sparkly and exciting, but its definitely my go to in the winter.

Mac -Peaches (£17.00)

My first peach blusher, i find it hard to wear as a blush. Its quite dark and hard to blend, but i use it as a more soft contour. Too pale to pull it off completely.  

Mac - Pink Swoon (£17.00)

My mother was given this by Lisa Elderidge, to which i swiftly borrowed it and never returned, as you can see. This was my first real blush, i used it every day and soon realised there was more to blushers than pretty pinks. Pink Swoon however is seriously underrated, everyone harps on about Dolly Mix or Well Dressed, when really Pink Swoon is the most simple sheer baby pink that can be built up to create such a lovely colour. It works well with any look, and i most definitely think it should be a staple in any Mac hoarders collection without a doubt. 

Mac - Shell Beauty Powder - Limited Edition from Liberty of London

I clearly bought this on a whim, seduced by the Liberty print. I still can't quite fathom this collection as Liberty still don't even stock Mac in their make-up department, hinting much?

I also still can't quite work out what a beauty powder is, a more sheer highlighting blush? A highly iridescent sheeny golden pink highlight only to be worn on hot summers day, in fear of reflecting too much sunlight, subsequently blinding passers by. Either way, it sure is pretty.. as a highlight.

Accessorise - Pretty Pink (£4.50)

Another blusher thats actually a highlighter. Sigh. I had high hopes of this baked blush, but it remains unloved.

 Bourjois - Paris Rose Coup De Foundre (£6.99)

A lovely pink toned shimmery blush, similar to Orgasm strangly - see a pattern here? However, it has the ghastly Bourjois smell of roses, it continuously falls out of the packaging and the baked top layer constantly needs to be scratched off to receive any suitable pigmentation- talk about effort.

Sleek - Rose Gold (£4.20)

It is what it is, rose gold. Its pink with crazy amazing gold sheen reflect. Nars Orgasm without the chunks of glitter, perfect! Looks a tad scary in pan and needs a light hand but is definitely a complete utter bargain for its quality and pay off, definitely recommend. 

Une Cream Blush - Grand Air (£8.99)

I won this in a twitter competition and what can i say? Rather bad quality for a rather expensive drug store blusher. I adore the rusty yet dusty red shade, but i literally have to ram my brush in the product like a mad women to get any pay off. Seriously annoying.

Looking at the mirror on top, you can tell i took my photos in the garden!

So this is my very long rambly blushers post! From writing this i think its clear that i own ENOUGH pink and coral blushers to last me for the foreseeable future, but, alas theres always room for more! 

What is your all time favourite blush?