Dame Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

After finally catching Jonathan Ross on BBCi player, i was most excited about one of the guests, Dame Vivienne Westwood. One of the most influential British fashion designers, Westwood changed the face of fashion when she introduced and bought shocking new fashion's of punk and new wave to mainsteam London in the 1970's. 

Still today, Westwood is a reconised international designer, who has not ony made a dramatic impact on British fashion but globally. Famously shunning all media vechicles such as television from her life, it was suprising to know that she was the one that inniatated the interview on Jonathon Ross. However, the under lying message of her apprearance was of extreme importance, Westwood made a passionate plea that we, as a country should take note of climate change and move forward to prevent the catastrophes of wiping out the rainforest and the human race suffering. Unlike many, Westwood argued that no direct change is being made due to no political figure deeming this issue of much importance. "We can only be saved by public opinion... we're at war with something that's never happened before, we have to make politicians do what we want." However there is hope and Viviane Westwoood has much praise for Prince Charles, whom has set up a direct plan of action in order to make an impact on preventing global warming before it becomes to late. 

By signing up on his website www.rainforestsos.org, you too can ensure that you are behind this good cause and action will commence in making sure this issue is of highest authority. I really urge you to watch the interview and sign up today, the way in which Westwood spoke she held true emotions and clearly passionate about this imposing issue. And its refreshing to see that public figures like Dame Viviane Westwood, do not only hold power in the fashion industry but hold the key to highlighting issues such as climate change.

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