Did you know, you've got dirt on your nose?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Tonight was the premier of the new Harry Potter film 'The Half Blood Prince.' And oh my goodness, Emma Watson looked amazing! I do not think she could have looked more stunning if she tried, a far cry from her cover on the latest issue of Elle (meh, she cannot work the fierce look). Even though in London, where it was absolutely chucking it down, she looked perfected, primed and.. bronzed. With the long sweeping dress (designer to be confirmed), fresh faced, young Miss Watson was simply both radiant and elegant. Although, like a flick of a wand (hah) the weather caused an embarrassing turn for the budding new face of Burberry.


May i also point out that i have advance tickets to the new Harry Potter film at the o2 in London. yes, gutted!