Traveling the World

Monday, July 6, 2009
As i sit here cuddled up in bed with a hot mug of tea, im wondering where the sunshine disappeared to? Well thats England for you, we should be grateful for at-least a week's lovely hot weather. I adore sitting in my garden in the lush weather, with the warmth on my skin and everything buzzing and blooming as i read. But now as i look out the window all i see is gloomy, grey clouds with sudden outbursts of the sun's rays; but mostly the wind is tearing up the big oak trees around my tiny house.

I think im due a holiday, a bloody hot one at that. Ever since i was small my parents have taken me across the world to different places, mostly in Europe whilst i was young. However, I love to travel, i love to see how different cultures work and operate as well as the various plants and animals that reside in these amazing places. There are so many places i wish to visit and i think i'll be quite the globe trotter in life.

The last place i traveled to last year was Cuba and it was one of the best places you'll ever visit. As Cuba is communist country, it is such a striking contrast to the way we live our lives. We visited the city of Guardalavaca , which is rather close to Guantanamo Bay.. As Cuba isn't a big tourist area there were few excusustions and trips and especially as we werent in the main capital city of Havana. However, we made a few trips in to the nearest town to see what was about. When driving around the roads of Cuba, what amazes you is the amount of people waiting along the road side. People of all ages, from families with small children to 80 yr olds sitting at the road side in the blistering heat waiting for some form of transportation. We were informed that there is no real bus system and that most of the time they either hitch hike or walk to their chosen destination! When arriving in town, during the middle of the day there weren't many places open or people around. We soon found out why.. when we observed people had been waiting and queuing to pay with ration books, yes ration books. The way of life that the Cuban people live is, in my personal view harsh. They are not permitted to leave the country and many professional doctors, lawyers with university education result to working in hotels or driving taxis for tourists, presumably these careers offer the highest income and bonus of living on site accommodation. This is a far cry from the small shanty houses in towns or the wrecks of metal and wood in the rural areas. Although, life is surprisingly different to ours, Cubans are very welcoming and friendly, happy people. The best part of the island, its true beauty was it's beaches. With pure white sand and clear blue sea, it was heaven. This trip to Cuba really opened my eyes to how people live so differently. Even though it is shocking, the people of Cuba know no different and there isnt much they can do about it. So although i have stressed some of the cultural differences its still an amazing place to go. I strongly advise any one to visit Cuba and i wish to return in the future. 

Another thing to note, if you do go be sure to get your self a packet of Cuban cigars, Cuban rum (£2 for a massive bottle) and try a Cuban made mojito. nom nom nom!

We also went in hurricane season, a few days after arriving home, i saw pictures in the Daily Mail of my hotel in ruins.. scary.

Places i want to visit!

- Barbados 
- Brazil
- Dominican Republic
- Jamaica
- Kenya
- South Africa
- Maldives
- Mexico
- Mauritius 
- Croatia
- Bali
- Dubai
- St. Lucia