Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you hadn't realised by now that i live for Topshop then shame on you! I had been waiting for weeks eagerly for this sale to start, hoping that many items would appear at bargain prices. Luckily, i managed to get a first peak at early sale launch in the Guilford branch, i mean really full on raiding, no piece of clothing went untouched after daniella and i scouted through the rails! This proved successful and i managed to pick up some cute high-waisted shorts for holiday as well as a preppy grey skirt for winter (one must  buy when one sees!) for a fraction of the main selling price! (will upload pictures soon).

Then the online sale started the next morning, the last few sales have been terribly disappointing but after logging on rather early i managed to score a black tribal sundress and a rather-impulse-purchase that i will be returning to store asap. it was the excitement ok?

Overall, the sale in store at the local branch was v.disappointing, oh well, I'm just looking forward to purchasing my Autumn/Winter wardrobe ;)