Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In just under two weeks i am traveling to Egypt, for two weeks, all inclusive in a 5* resort (amen! to the credit crunch) right next to the lush Red sea tropical beaches. So as i frantically list and gather last minute bits to buy, i thought i would post a taster of where i am staying ;). 

This is second trip to Egypt and i for one can't wait to see all the tropical fish scuba diving, smoking shisha and relaxing in the sun! 

As eager as i am to get out of this wretched weather of England, is to hit up duty free! I plan to rape the cosmetics counter, to which i have recently run out of these.. 

Chanel Hydrating Lip Treatment - £18.00 

This lip balm is actually amazing! It can be worn as a sheeny lip colour or it creates a great base for other lipglosses/lipsticks. It also relieves chapped lips really throughly, a bloody lifesaver when i burnt my lips in Cuba - epic fail. This lipbalm lasts for ages, you need the smallest amount and it isn't too slimey! I bought this last August and only recently run out!  
Doir Black Out Mascara - £19.50 

This mascara is the biggest secret in the beauty industry! It's actually quite scary how it transforms your lashes, many people even asked if i was wearing false lashes! It doesn't appear lumpy at all and the bigger brush adds extra lift and length to the max. If i was trapped on a desert island..

Clinque Almost Bronzer - £21.50 

Im yet to try this bronzer, yet while away i slap on Clinque Face suncream SPF 30 to prevent going all wrinkly and sun spots, so to not too pasty or white this bronzer is perfect. With two tones you can both highlight cheek bones and create that perfect bronzed, tan, healthy look.
Lancome Juicy Tube - £13.50

This is the god of all lipglosses and it comes in soo many shades, perfect for any skin tone.  I'l be sure to pick up a travel gift set including a range of different colours. 
YSL Easy French Kit - £30.00

This french manicure set is rather pricy but its so worth every penny. A very, very lovely friend bought this as a gift for me and its shockingly fabulous. French manicures can be really messy and tricky to dyi, but this two step set transforms scrubby nails in to the primmed, neat nails. It works as a pen, firstly the nude colour is applied by pumping the end for it to apply on the brush, then apply. Then after completely dry, pump enough white vanish on to the pen, and then draw a neat line onto the tip of the nail. Then tadah! a perfect french manicure ..or pedicure in my case! :)