Wednesday, October 20, 2010
With winter, not only comes my thick chunky tights and endless, but sneaky hot chocolates (with extra whipped cream, of course) but the common British cold. I call it the British cold, as no other country complain and moan and whine and complain as much as we. Feeling slightly gross and rundown, and rather angry at catching this retched cold, i thought it was the perfect time to post this monstrosity, bitter issue.

Mulberry for Target, exclusively in America, each piece will set you back at under $30, disgusting

snot, snot, snot. 

Okay, a rather bitter post. But still, a Mulberry Bays Water costs a good £700* nowadays, yet the Americans get a rip of version for roughly twenty eight squid slightly unfair. However, i reside in the fact that this is basically one big marketing plan for Mulberry for the US branding, secondly each bag in the range isn't made with the craft and leather that the 'real' ones are made with ...and thirdly, queue evil laugh.. 


But on the hand, if they were to sell these over here, then every tom, dick and harry would have them and that defeats the point of having an exclusive designer bag, oui?

what are your thoughts? are some things just better when they aren't mass-available?

*my bag was purchased a few years back, with my savings, for no where near that price - thank god.

they are slightly FUG. (sorry Emma Hill) but i would mind the little ones please.