Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My name is Sarah Jane Elizabeth Sandiford and i have a disgusting addiction: i am a fashion-magazine-beauty-o-holic. This includes spending horrific amounts of time and money; pouring through the latest fashion magazines and purchasing the whole of Topshop (and the occasional Marc Jacobs piece). At this moment in time, i am studying Magazine Publishing at London College of Communications; this has opened my mind to the world of publishing. Ideally, i plan to work within the editorial field of an upmarket men's or women's magazine, specifically being GQ. However, at present i am a student which entails a pretty exciting and unpredictable time in my life. And yes, i decided to start this blog in order to build up my editorial 'catalogue' - which translates into a being an online rant of likes/dislikes!

On my wish list: Luella Silk Mini Dress