Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I happen to be very lucky, i have so many different sets of friends from school, college, work and uni; its amazing. Friends to go shopping in Selfridges, friends to go shopping in Primark, to be posh and go to the theatre! to go for cosmos at last minute and others to get rat assed and have a good sing and cry. Just looking at Sex and the City, it is clear to see that each character portrays the friend/or sets of friends you need in your like to keep you grounded. Whether its Charlotte with her set of rules and morals to keep you on track, Miranda to fight your corner and be an independent woman, Samantha whose confidence and partying will always cheer you up and most importantly her favorite topics being a) sex b) men c) more sex! and finally Carrie, a girl after your own heart, who knows how to dress, complain about men and strives for success.

It makes me realise that with out the influences of my many close friends i wouldn't be the person i am today :).

On my wish list: a lot more sunshine thank you!