plait me pretty.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plaits are everywhere this summer according to the fashion pages, yet although i've been admiring from afar i've never really bothered to attempt a pretty plait. Call me lazy, but when it comes to hair styles, i'm style and go, out the door. But on that rare occurrence i do like to try out new styles - for the past three months i have been donning the LC centre parting, pull fringe back. But it's time for a change - i need to get out of this hair style rut!


Sienna Miller looking the grecian goddess with blonde locks pulled into a heidi ensemble with glowing, bronzed skin and minimal make up - my kind of look!

Vamped up Rachel McAdams shows a more classy updo with quiff and side plait.
Laid back luxe in LC's case, with a messy bun and side plaits

Emma Watson, simple but red carpet chic.

Of course, no style list would be complete without Diane Kruger, she could wear a binbag and would still look bloody amazing!

Here are a few (awful) attempts at plaits:

The Heid/ Sienna

Splitting your hair on a middle parting, plaiting one side.

Then taking the plait to the crown, then securing with a bobby pin.

Then the same with the other side.

I feel a little silly, not going to lie, but bringing wispy bits round the front and messing it up slightly gives it beach look, perfect for the summer.

The LC braid

Simply taking a small section of hair, braiding it and pinning it at the back, so simple again but so pretty!

The Messy Side Plait

Does what it says on the tin, by far my favourite! Most definitely on bad hair days, so quick and easy.

The French Plait

Despite the fact i look like a chavvy Cheryl Cole in her younger years, this does wonders for my cheek bones! Alas i have thin hair as it is, so the plait does take up most of my hair - boo!

The Halo

Take a pinch of hair, half way down the head on one side.
Plait into a small braid.
Bring it across the head to create a 'halo' and safely secure with a bobby pin.

My hair is best to style with when not straightened, otherwise it completely falls out! If hair is not willing to stay in a bobby pin, slightly back comb the hair to give more grip. The plaits styles i created are certainly making their way into my daily routine. Perfect for a quick easy hair style, when the prospect of straightening hair in this heat is pretty much unbearable. I would also wear these on holiday (if i was going - further boo!) as they are so easy to achieve and dress up a beach/bed crazed hair style.

I hope this gave some ideas.. or a good opportunity to laugh at some awkwardly taken Mac Booth photos!