sometimes you gotta fight dirty.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Sales, you either love them or hate the, I'm that girl who will push/shove/probably kick you to get the last size 10. I actually look forward to sales - let's be honest here. I'm all for buying the latest trends, but i'm a sucker for a bargain. Whether a £200 slashed handbag or a £12 top from Topshop, i'm there. In sales, i tend to purchase items that are classic and i wear time and time again, or the complete opposite, something i wouldn't normally wear - but i am happily willing to give it a go at a cheaper price - which has resulted in some pretty amazing discoveries in the past.

I mainly stake myself out for the Net-A-Porter, Topshop and Urban Outfitter's sale, just because the reductions are too good to pass. As there's never a Saturday lunch break i don't ponder about in my local Topshop, i'm pretty clued in to what may be making it's way into the sale - sad? but atleast i get some damn good bargains! However this summer it's been a bit 'meh,' considering the sales started precisely the week the week before i got paid (the bastards) i have been pretty tame, well as tame as i see fit.

I had my little eye on this tee-shirt months back from Urban Outfitters, but for a girl who doesn't wear tee-shirts ever, £55 is a bit of a stretch. It reads 'Fan Club Anna Wintour,' Anna being the editor of American Vogue. It's so, i don't know, so wrong but so right? Remind me never to wear this teeshift ever again if i land an interning stint at British Vogue. But my delight when i saw it was in the online sale for £24.99 - i snapped up this tee faster than you can say the september issue!

Naco Paris Tee-shirt at Urban Outfitters - (reduced from £55.00 to £24.99)
'Vintage' (last season) Topshop denim shorts.

..and just because my mac book likes to trick your eyes and turn everything crazy backward!

My next rummage took place in Topshop, on the morn' of their sale. My dad was waiting inline at 7am! for his new iphone 4 (undecided whether i should upgrade?) i decided to stumble across this lovely lot.

Cotton frill top - Topshop (reduced to £15.00)

Will go with everything in my wardrobe, light, frilly, summer.

Waterfall Cream Cardigan - (Reduced to £15.00)

I would have never of purchased this, not because i dislike it, but because it didn't strike me. After trying it on, surrounded by a sea of Topshop clothes, i decided that it would actually suit many outfits in my wardrobe: basically an all round winner.

Navy Body Con Skirt - Topshop (£12.00)

It may look boring but this looks killer with a tan.

I am never the less hitting the shops on Friday (payday) as i'm interning at Loaded the week after next, and with Stylist just around the corner, my brain is programmed to 'intern only clothes'. Its hard, i need to channel stylish, on trend, with the right balance between smart and casual. Watch this space.

Did you ponder over any sales? Are you as determined as me or meh, cannot be bothered?