In and Outs - 15th August 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Internship at Stylist Magazine

Literally the last two weeks have flown by, i'm having the best time! I won't divulge into too many details but this is the best experience ever, the ladies are so nice, and busy all day long (which is a good thing in work exp. terms). There has been endless yummy foods being sent in by different PRs, to celebrating circulation results with office champers, running to Selfridges to pick up at £200 gift cards, transcribing interviews, brainstorming headlines and having a good say in features meetings. Plus last week i was sitting next to a free-lancer, who literally just left Elle, where she was senior features Editor - who was beyond lovely and gave me lots of tips!

click here to read it: Stylist and look for name in the mast head on pg. 51 ;)

Topshop Knickers

As well as working during the week at Stylist i have also been continuing working my part-time job on the weekend, but luckily i had this one off, which translated to major shopping trip avec my lovely friend Liz yesterday and today with the Grandmother.

There's some thing quite addictive about buying cute underwear, i mean, what if i happen to be run over? No really, what's the point in wearing beautiful clothes on the outside with a knackered pair of grey knicks on the inside - bleurgh! But the Topshop minis are just adorable, my underwear draw is basically an explosoin of silky, lacy, printed minis.

Clinique Sample Set

Leading on from post the other day, my free sample set came through the post in the week. The bottles are overly diddy, borderline cute. Technically i don't particularly need one, but they are handy for traveling or staying over night. I ordered one for myself and one for my mother.. (which is really for me too.)

Pearl Mittens

I bought these last year from H&M and was completely gutted when i lost one, but imagine my delight when i spotted them again this year.

Maybe a little early for mittens, but i mean a mitten, with pearls? I nearly peed myself in excitement.

H&M Pearl Mittens - (£7.99)

Label M Resurrection Dust

I have been meaning to purchase this, since my hair has grown it needs some va va voom! I picked this up from Tony and Guy, and i'm amazed at the results. I may pick up another one to keep in my handbag for during the day.

The bottle is full of white powder.

You tap abit out, then massage into the roots..

then tada!

Label M Resurrection Dust - Tony and Guy (£9.25)

Barry M's Raspberry Varnish

my new perfect winter colour!

Barry M Raspberry - Superdrug (£2.95)

Lush Times

I took my grandmother out shopping today so she could hit up Lush, after bagging her self a bottle of Grass shampoo, she set aside 'advising' me what to buy.

Bath melts in - Bath Time and You've Been Mango-d - £2.80 each

Ice Blue soap - smells so fresh and clean - £3.30

Doir Show Mascara

I finally gave in and bought the mascara, after 6 months of spending god knows how much trying to find a cheaper alternative, i gave in and bought what i know best for a disgusting £21.50.

and quite frankly i couldn't care less now!

the wonder product of all time:

Doir Show in Black Out - (£21.50)

Firstly my Grandmother spritzed me with the Lush perfumes -they are fucking fowl, unless you want to smell like a herbal car freshener then don't buy them please.

Secondly, do i look weird wearing black tights in the weather? I just don't know.

Thirdly, i swear to god, if that women sits next to me on my train this week, and i hear her snot all her gross bodily functions up her nose.. i will have to carry out a violent act.

Thats all.