we speak no americano,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Most of the time i either wear my hair straight or pile it on top of my head aka the pineapple. The newly daubed pineapple hairstyle is fast becoming a new hair routine for me, purely because its easy (aka pile it all up there!) and it looks effortless. Plus its handy in the hot weather! And i think i actually prefer my hair up than down sometimes.

Last week i saw another short article in Look magazine demonstrating this particular hair style, which i thought roughly looked like a mash up of half Whitney/LC do.

Combining the middle parting with front sections twisted back in place with a kirby grip, yet still pulled in to a high top bun. It would have never of occurred to me to combine the two, but i rather like it! A little bit odd.. but cute all the same!

It really baffles me that either wearing your hair straight, curly or piled on top of your head can really change your appearance, do you ever wear your buns sky-high?