Kerastace Speedy Review

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Over the past six to eight months i have been growing my hair, it has been a long process but to be frank, i'm bloody surprised it ever got this long! I've mostly only ever had a middle length bob, aka middle ground. My hair is annoying. Well we all want what we can't have, but my hair is quite fine. Now that summers here i cannot be arsed to keep wacking in the mousse and blow-drying, there's nothing worse than crispy moussed hair, yet on the other hand i hate the thought of 'straggly' thin rat tail hair.

What's more, my hair will never make contact with GHDS. I've only got to look at them and my hair starts splitting, i cringe when ever my hair dresser uses them, defeats the point of a trim if she's going to wack the heat straight back on! Although, i do use my own straighteners (trusty Remmingtons), but i do have to keep going back to the hair dressers every 6 to 7 weeks for a trim. And although, my hair dresser is absolutely lovely, she keeps getting bloody promoted and her prices go up each time.

Let me introduce to you to Kerastace Nectar Thermique.

This leave in conditioner repairs and nourishes styled hair, also providing heat protection.

They say:


Kérastase Nectar Thermique nourishes dry hair and protects it from thermal damage, meaning you can style you hair using heat. The Thermo-care treatment penetrates the fibre of your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

I have previously used leave in conditioners, although i wouldn't say they made my hair greasy or heavy, they just didn't do any good either. I used a L'Oreal which i thought was fine, i also recently purchased a Tommy Guns leave in conditioner but however much i wanted to like, it just stank. Yeah it stank. Of Smirnoff Ice alcho pops, no lie. Gross.

However, after pondering on my split-ends for too long i purchased the Kerastase - which i can NEVER pronounce by the way. Well to tell you the truth, i was instantly amazed. I wash and condition my hair every night (to keep the grease at bay), then after combing through, i 'moisturise' through a pea size amount through the ends of my hair. It smells lush and refreshing, it has a weird consistency of a thick (but not too heavy) moisturiser, like it's really working into my ends. When i wake up, i have glossy, smooth hair that feels and looks healthy. It doesn't feel like my ends are stuck together, or crispy. I actually started using this halfway between hairdressers appointments, with split-ends. And usually when i straighten my hair, the split end are quite visible, even though they aren't that bad! This dramatically improves the appearance of them and when i visited the hairdresser today, she noted that my hair had hardly any split-ends! This is an all round great product, also acting as a heat protector too, which saves time and dollar dollar! I know that this won't combat all split-ends, but hey its bloody good for me!

I've trailed this product for a month to see the results, i find it quite hard to shell out on hair products which now i instantly regret, i could have saved a fortune by buying more expensive products and not needing to visit the hair dressers so often. I can also tell i'm loving this product, as i've religiously applied it every night with out being lazy.

Can i just say what a lovely weekend?
Heres me with my gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunnies, i had to show 'em off, they only get about a weeks worth of sunshine in England!

On a final, final note:
How often do you go to the hairdressers?
i religiously book my appointment, where as some of my friends just leave it until they want to go? If your wondering, i go to a RUSH salon in East Croydon, my hairdresser is a doll, she knows exactly what i want, no bullshit, just what i want! I also bought the leave in-conditioner from RUSH website, for the cheaper price of £11.50 (rather than £17.50!) here.