Sunday, May 9, 2010
I just found out Vogue's Fashion Night Out is taking place on 8th September, just a bit fucking exciting!
did you go last year? its going to be one of the biggest fashion events in London and your all invited, from Bond St to Oxford St, all kinds of events are taking place, whether that be meeting world renown photographer Mario Testino or dying to pee whilst sitting front row in an impromptu Armani fashion show (one of the most awkward times of my life)?

will you be rsvping?

Mr Testino & i.
BFFs for life!
he made me promise that when i become editor, i call him up and book him straight away ;)

have you met anyone famous? do tell.

mate, i have so much to say but i don't have the time, give me a few days and i'm all yours sweetheart!