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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few weeks ago i was emailed by a lovely lady called Emma, she works for a magazine produced for Graduate Fashion Week. Basically, GFW is young graduated designers one hot shot at being discovered and being fast-tracked to work at a fashion house. Between the 6-10th of June, the hottest young designers will showcase their best collections to critics and a number of head hunters scouting their next protege. With the likes of Stella Macartney and Julian MacDonald being 'found' here, with Giles Decon and Matthew Williamson dishing out awards, GFW is a important date for the fashion industry.

So, back to my exciting news. As part of GFW, there is an educational day set aside for budding fashion students interested in studying fashion at higher education. Emma's magazine Fashionista is a glossy giveaway for the students, giving them all the insider fashion tips and tricks they need to know about the industry - and i was asked to write a piece for the magazine! This is just a little bit -well MASSIVE- excitement for me! I have never had any work published before in print, this was an amazing opportunity presented to me so naturally i snapped it up! I wrote my article on blogging, and how this can really further your career in the fashion industry. Exciting!
Fashionista goes to print tomorrow, the the magazine can be viewed online too, so i'll definitely post a link so you can have a good read!

Another few girlies have also had their work printed- checking out their blogs is a must!:

- Sarah, my actual bff, at My Sentimental Heart
- Emma, a good blogging friend of mine, at Jersey and The Monkey
- Annabella, the very pretty lady, at A Girl Should Be Two Things, Classy and Fabulous.

champers on me! ;)