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Friday, January 28, 2011
Floral Tie-Neck Top - £22.99
Tie Peter Plan Blouse - £15.99 (STEAL!!)
Floral Tie-Neck Floral Top - £22.99
Cable Knit Cardigan - £24.99
Bow Front Ballet Pump - £7.99
Floral Cut-out Wedge - £24.99

New Look has seriously stepped it's game, sure the prices have upped by a few quid, but nothing in comparison to Toppers or Urban Outfitters. It's so, so good to finally see some new S/S items in-store, honestly cannot get past the amount of lovely, romantic blouses on the high-street at the moment, oh so tempting. Even flicking through the H&M catalog is like playing with fire. I do love those wedges though, and they are practically a steal. They really, really don't look like New Look, but i always think New Look come up trumps with their heels. Although i say that I never ever bloody buy heels unless to match a 'special' outfit, yet i always get completely baffled when i need a pair to wear out at last minute - definitely more of a handbag girl. 

Don't get me wrong, its not that i've never liked New Look, there's just never been a crazed love affair like Topshop, mainly because some things are far too 'tacky' or genuinely plain. Alas, River Island are also guilty of the 'oh god, this perfectly good dress looks too plain, heres an idea, lets shove some sprinkle with sequins all things tacky.' But they too have really upped their style game too! It's said that us Brits have the best high-street in the world, and i really don't think they are kidding.

yay or nay to the heels? 
i think i'll only regret it if i don't!
in-fact i think i should buy it all.