Sunday Kind of Loving

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Yesterday i took my mother into central London to do some shopping and treat her to afternoon tea. After a good nose around the shops, and her trying on a thousand blazers we made our way to Beas of Bloomsburys in St Pauls. I had come across it's sister tea shop in Holborn when i was interning at Stylist, with the most gorgeous looking cupcakes and large meringues, it resembles my own personal heaven! With it's very popular nature and the tea shop being rather dainty, you are only able to book a table at St. Pauls shop. Tucked away just behind the cathedral, we ate mini baguettes, scones and cream, mini meringues, the most fabulous iced cupcakes and miniature marshmallows; with a pot of tea for two for £15 a head. A very, very reasonable price to pay for a decent afternoon tea in London town i dare say. The tea shop is so lovely, i really recommend a visit to Beas in Holborn, even if your popping in for a take out cupcake!        

Never mind the beautiful creation right there, look at all the cupcakes in the wall!

I made a few purchases on the day naturally, i first went to one of the H&M 's on Oxford St, which at the moment have some fabulous (affordable) spring/summer pieces in. I don't feel so guilty buying summer clothes when i know they aren't high prices - i'm looking at you Topshop.

Broderie detail striped breton teeshirt - (£9.99)

I'm drawn to stripes. I own endless stripy dresses, tops, jumpers, you name it. I couldn't resist. I can't wait to wear these with my denim shorts in the summer.  

Long Knitted Cardigans - Cream & Grey (£7.50 each)

These were reduced to half price, i needed no reason. I live in cardigans, so at the price, there was no question about it. I seriously urge you to hunt these out!

Scarf  - (£12.99)

I'm pretty obsessed with oversized scarfs, just me? Yes. Despite the fact it's actually a cape/poncho thing, i can't wait to team this camel scarf with my black Zara blazer, plus how perfect is this for an aeroplane journey? 

Camel Court Heels - Primark (£12.00)

On our way home we nipped in to Primark in East Croydon, amid the flurry of half-term teens i managed to score some rather nice pieces! I say this proudly as i never, repeat never, find anything in Primark. I picked up these court heels, as i cannot bare to part with zillions of pounds for heels i literally only wear once in a blue moon. I'm a flats girl, through and through. But these are the perfect all round colour/shape/style for those 'oh dear lord, why do i not own ANY suitable heels?' Sorted.

 Sheer Blouse - (£8.00)

I had to double take a look at this, from Primark are you sure? Yes! And as simple as that i bought it in a heartbeat. 

Do you have any tea-room recommendations?
 Preferably affordable.