Thought of the day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
I have two thoughts of the day, of which i thought i would share. 

The Outnet Clearance Sale

When i first read about this, my heart practically skipped a beat with excitement, then came a tumbling long sigh. The Outnet, sister discounted site of Net-A-Poter, have announced that on Friday they will be hosting a clearance sale. Whilst i have my virtual elbows at the ready, with thoughts of heavily discounted Marc Jacobs - lets just cast our minds back to the fiasco of their birthday sale last year - where items were sold for just a single pound. Of course, every girl and their grandmother logged on after weeks of press coverage, and down went their pissing servers - causing most computers to crash. You can clearly tell i'm still slightly bitter at nearly having that £1,200 Chloe coat so close in my grasps.

Anyway, putting said grudge aside. Their second birthday will be, fingers crossed, a more calm affair. With little press coverage only going live today, lets hope we are in with a chance of bagging something delightful, with prices being discounted heavily with up to 85% off. Simply sign up to the emails to be alerted to when it goes live Friday, until it ends on Monday. I wonder if they will be adding new stock each day? (Watch this space)

Marc Jacobs tote will be £123, from an eye-watering £1,065

Peacock's 'Budget' Line

Now i work for the company itself, and quite frankly i don't particularly want to get my P45 for a libellous blog post. I will however present you with some interesting food for thought. Peacocks will be launching a new 'budget boutique' in two weeks, which will feature many inspired looks and designs taken from the catwalks. However, there is a fine line between inspiration and simply creating replica dresses. 

Peacocks have stated that their designs will fool even the most canny of fashion critics, using the same high-end designs, but not the expensive fabrics. Antonella Bettley, head women's wear comments ‘This range is exceptional value. For a low budget price you’re getting fabulous tailoring, with lots of fabric and attention to fashion forward details. There is no need to pay the earth for fabulous design.’

With other high-street retailers paying the price for copy-cat designs in the past, most notably when Chloe forced Topshop to destroy a thousand similar pairs of yellow dungarees and Primark being threatened with legal action every five minutes; should Peacocks be so confident about their new 'budget' range? Is it just borderline lazy copying or genius? Should you be the brand known for just re-producing catwalk designs to the masses, in such a blatant manner?  

What do you think?