Friday, October 7, 2011
Last weekend i made a cheeky Topshop order online, it being pay day and having a stolen student card (brothers are so, so useful) in hand, i took advantage and ordered. I received my birthday dress - soon to be seen, this jumper and another dress. The cream jumper was otherwise lovely but short and oversized in the wrong sense, insert sighing face, and the peter pan dress was just meh. I popped into my local branch to exchange them for:

Velvet Blue Pumps - Topshop (£18.00)

I adore these pumps, they resemble a more expensive French Sole cousin, and yes, yes, yes slightly unpractical but too beautiful to resist, i promise to not wear on a rainy day. 

Cream Blouse - Topshop (£38.00)

This blouse is simply pretty, and not going to lie damn right handy. I have a knack of buying nothing that matches, and this little fellow can be mixed and matched any how, where or season.

Bow Neck Tie Blouse - New Look (£22.99)

I literally doubled blinked when i saw this blouse in New Look, its collar has the most beautiful scallop edge detail and the tie up bow is something i have been on the hunt for, since forever.

I love and leave you now for a few days as i am off to celebrate my birthday which falls on Monday, for a very boring age of twenty two i have succeeded in drawing out celebrations over an entire week - is that just me that does this? Hey, the queen gets the luxury of two birthdays. Tonight i'm going 80's dancing, then noodles with my girlfriends on Saturday night, followed by a nights stay in Brighton on my actual birthday with the boy. There i plan to over indulge in pier doughnuts, mushy peas, visit the aquarium and the palace, plus a little lane shopping! My dad is flying to New York on Sunday for a wedding (taking place on the actual Jersey shore - don't ask) and has announced bringing me back a special gift- oooh! 

Now, the ultimate question i am asking you - what is your favourite 80's song? I'm pretty partial to a bit of Duran Duran or Blondie.