Too much too young.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Accessories Online is an online store that i'm all too fondly aware of, not only do i continously lust over their Alex Monroe section, even the boy ordered me this necklace last year for my birthday. So when i spotted on twitter that they were looking for guest reviewers, i hopped right over there like a right crazy woman. Then i panicked. If you know me well, you i'm horrendously picky when it comes to jewellery. I wear the same pieces everyday and never change it up to suit outfits and such. I prefer dainty bits and bobs, nothing statement, just nice and whimsical please. And i was not disappointed.

Dogeared is a brand i've pondered over from afar, their jewellery is very to my taste. Its simple and classic, small and dainty mostly centred around different charms, with all different meanings - something i find rather appealing. The wish heart bracelet is rather different for me, but the red irish linen is something i really like. Not going to lie, i did go through a faze of wearing a red cotton bracelet, until someone one mentioned to me i'm not Madonna and did i study Kabbala, point taken. However this dainty little so and so looks amazing combined with my gold MJ watch, and i adore the little heart. Its not in your face, but rather whimsical with an eye catching red string.
The sentiment behind the bracelet is Make A Wish, whereby you make a wish before attaching the bracelet, and when it falls off the wish will come true. Nice sentiment, but really i was to excited to get it on my wrist to even think about a wish, and secondly at twenty squid, i don't want it to fall off either. Alas its a lovely present idea i presume.
The bracelet it's self is fastened by a bead through a hoop and wound round, but i knotted mine to make it extra secure. The website also states that the Irish Linen (posh cotton i dare say) should not get wet, due to fade and ageing, but i quite like that idea.

Overall i'm really happy with this bracelet, not only is it adorable (you must admit it) but i've really enjoyed wearing it. A nice feminine touch if you wear a rather heavy masculine watch like i. In review of Accessories Online, from their past service where i have ordered before, it has crazy speedy free service (something i find very rare these days) and a great collection online, plus sneaky tip - for a limited time (aka tonight) you can receive 20% off with the code AUTUMN20. Now i'm off to gaze lustingly over more Alex Monroe, and more Dogeared. Christmas list anyone?

As i have stated this bracelet was sent to me, basically because they asked for volunteers on twitter and basically went batshit crazy & jumped at the chance, simply down to the fact that i love what they stock and i have in the past and will continue to buy from them. As my old readers will know, i can't stand any churned out press release nonsense and i ain't no marketing machine either sweetcheeks. Recently i have had the chance to feature different items, but i get worried that i will jeopardise what i stand for. What are your thoughts on this?