Thursday, October 6, 2011
I'm sure you are all well aware of the passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, and i was sad to hear of such a great, great man dying to such a cruel disease. Not only did he change the way we speak, listen, play, communicate and view the world, he was an inspiration - of whom was completely selfless. I had always admired his work, which you may find rather odd, but i'm a self-confessed Apple nerd. I can remember my dad bringing home an Apple laptop when i was eight years old, it was of course completely bulky as hell and the screen looked rather something like this, but it was utterly amazing. I've been fortunate, through my dad being a graphic designer (and a complete utter nerd too), i have always had access to the world of Apple. Eagerly anticipating the next launch or system update, my dad even bribed his friend to fly to NY and bring back an iPad that hadn't even been launched in the UK.. i told you we were hard-core nerds. A few years on, with many updates, sleek designers, and faster running power, my nearly twenty-two year old self is tapping away on my slightly battered but beautiful Mac book writing to you. Here's to the next era of Apple. RIP Steve. 

photo snapped on my iPhone of my iPad shared on my Mac.