Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your going to love me or absolutely loathe me. Last year, i was given these tan riding boots for my birthday and i adore them. They can easily be worn with anything, evoking my inner parisian chic (i wish) and they are ultimate best friend on rainy days. However, just this minute i was snooping the H&M mid season-sale and i saw these beauties having been reduced to £19.99 - a steal in my eyes. Alas, H&M are awfully bad (AMAZING) with promotional codes and if you enter the following you can save another fiver and 25% off the sale price, bringing them down to £10.14. What are you waiting for? 

£5 off - 1304
25% off - 9514
NB. At that price you can neither moan if they get delivered in November & they always re-stock sizes - so  keeps your eyes peeled if your size is outta stock. Bizarre right?

I have so much to say, including my birthday, the amazing Topshop outlet i found & some amazing goodies i bought from Westfield today.