the ASOS deal of the day - catch it literally while you can.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have always admired the thick chunky aran cardigans from afar, they look so cosy and warm, but at fifty pound a pop in Topshop and Urban Outfitters, i have always given it a miss.

However.. due the disgustingly awful weather (i hate snow - ruins everything) and noticing an offer thats rather too tempting to miss i ordered one on the asap! ASOS sent a link on twitter announcing that the above cardigan was on offer for £24, so i hastily added one to my basket. With 20% discount they have on offer too, and super saver delivery, it bought the grand total to £19.20. Bargain!

But as i going to publish this post, i went to include the link to the deal of the day, ASOS have changed the offer to another cardigan and put the original price of the one i just bought back to normal. So although i'm glad i snapped that cardigan up pronto, i'm rather annoyed that they changed it so rapidly. The cardigan on offer now is the Fisher Man Ribbed Cardigan, for the discounted price at £24.00.

And while i'm on the subject of ASOS, i've never really gotten the 'hype.' I do think it's rather pricey and the quality isn't always up to scratch on some items, but never the less with added student discount and these amazing offers, its been hard to pass over. I also ordered this cream shift the other day:

Which i've just noticed that they have upped the price from £22 to £28, rather sneaky there.

Do you love asos? I'm still on the fence now i've just realised they upped the price so easily.

*Update*: see Asos's Nat's reply to say why it was changed, i guess it was pretty obvious that it was going to sell out pretty quickly, and Kudos to Nat for a speedy reply, thats definitely not something you see everyday, good customer service!