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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Make Up Forever - HD Blush in N.05 (23€)

This is another purchase i made in Sephora whilst on holiday, it was an umming and erring moment, when i thought sod it, i have some euros left and it's my birthday what the heck. 

Make Up Forever is an American French brand, and sadly us British are only able to get out mitts on it if we go overseas. Before i had gone away, i had seen this products on various blogs and decided i would definitely give it a whirl whilst there. After half an hour (no joke) of swatching each colour, i came to the conclusion i preferred n.5 a baby pink, and hell one pump distributes alot of product.

My thoughts of this product are slightly biased, as i am rather miffed that i already own a Laura Mercier cream blush which is practically the same shade (gr!). However, on the plus side, it really does live to it's name. High Definition, is what you get. The pigmentation of this cream is unreal, unlike the Topshop cream blushers that fade after a few hours, this stays for a pretty long time. My only downside, as i've said the pump distributes some much product, you only really need half the amount - which is teeny tiny - although, atleast it will last me a long time!

I apply this by pumping half a pump out on the back of my hand and use my Sephora Mineral Brush to dab onto my cheek, building up the coverage is the key, as with all cream blushers. It really adds a healthy, pink glow.

It's a shame that Make Up Forever can only be bought overseas, and the nearest branch of Sephora is in Calais, slightly irritating; or online. I probably wouldn't have bought this product blind without trying first, have you tried any thing Make Up Forever?