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Saturday, December 4, 2010
guilty little purchase.

Topshop (£18.00)

I actually started all my Christmas shopping in November, and bar the last few bits, i'm done and dusted. But aside from that, i have really been trying to save my left over pennies for the Christmas sales, i've seen many pretty dresses around, but hold back from buying - knowing that they will be reduced in literally a few weeks time. However, the lure of Topshop Saturday lunch break shopping finally got the better of me. I popped in today and noticed they had a few items on offer, hence the above purchase. I has spotted the nudey/pink sequin crop top before, but thirty eight quid, before Christmas, i think not! However roll the price down to £20, and give us 10% off cause i'm a student, thats a deal.

Its sparkly, but not in your face! so perfect for catching up Christmas drinks.

Are you as sale obsessed as i? A friend who i work with, we usually gatecrash the Topshop sale on Christmas Eve when it opens, quite embarrassing, but i've found some pretty amazing finds. Will you be hunting out anything particular in the sale? I've still got my birthday money saved (yeah, i don't know how either) so who knows?