Thursday, December 9, 2010
One my third year projects was to create a sample spread for brand, including a written feature.
I chose Topshop (how predictable) but as Topshop already have a seasonal style customer magazine called 214, i decided to create a magazine that focused solely on their cosmetic line, Visage.

Visage would be a seasonal magazine and tie-in with the new latest collection, it would be given away with online orders and available to pick up in selected stores. This issue of Visage focuses on Topshop's latest A/W collection Heavy Duty.

Hopefully, the pages will enlarge so you can read the copy!

After spending eight hours on InDesign,i can finally say i finished. Only copious cups of tea got me through screen capping all those film caps and transferring them on to a vintage film strip - all worth it i hope! 

Would you read Visage if it was available in-store? ;)