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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sale shopping can be one hell of an experience, angry, frustrating yet some how fabulous. With the January sales in mind, i thought i write a post. I love a good sale, as many of you are aware. The boxing day sales are amazing, with brands slashing prices completely, with prices making your eyes water thinking, dear god, thank god i didn't buy that before christmas! 

There's also the issue of going way overboard, in terms of price and buying stuff that is completely useless, i once bough a hot pink patent Mulberry bayswater in the sale that was promptly returned the following week realising i hated it and it didn't go with anything i owned (still to this day i do not know what possessed me!). So i thought i would post my thoughts...

  • Set a limit of how much you want to spend, it's pointless wasting money you haven't got - what a poor way to start the year!
  • Stock up on classic or basic items you know you will wear next season, it's pointless buying a aviator jacket now, a decent classic trench coat will last you forever, as will a pair of winter boots! Good time to stock upon nice knickers and bras too.
  • Yet, do experiment and branch out to other styles, in the Topshop sale i often find things i would have never of looked at twice at full price, but knock £10 off and i'll try it on, wham! it could look amazing.
  • Now's the time to invest in designer, heels, bags, purses where prices are slashed completely! Although you must have sheer determination to get your mitts on them fast, i saved £500 on my Luella bag, CRAZY. 

The places i eye up in the sale are:

Boots - With all gifts made to half price, it's so hard to resist! Stocking up on bubble bath, hair care and general bits and bobs are amazing. I love the Elle Macpherson range, and it's such as bargain after Christmas. Their sales go live online on Christmas day and in-store Boxing day normally. Of course, it would more sensible to stock up on presents for other people next year, but shish, where's the fun in that? ;)

Topshop - Of course! Sickening, but so, so worth it. This starts in-store on Christmas eve, this i plan to raid with a equally obsessed friend in the morning before work! Dedication.

Net-A-Porter have bloody brilliant sales, stress free. There's no need to elbow that woman for the last pair of size 5's, perfect. However, i must say i've never bitten the bullet to actually buy something, due to the lack of funds, one day. However, there's nothing like heading in-store to Selfridges or Harvey Nicks for the mayhem.

Department Stores - With concessions like Clinique, Benefit and Dior, their seasonal beauty gift sets get quite heavily discounted, perfect opportunity to stock up on the fabulous skin care sets for a reduced price.

Most designers and department stores sales go live on the 26th, see Elle for more dates. 

Sale Wishes

Clinique Moisture Surge Kit
Mulberry Lilly
Elle Macpherson Set
Mui Mui Grey Vitello 
Topshop Embellish V-back blouse, lace jumper, cream strappy crepe dress

Am i the only sale obsessed person? My Topshop is pretty quiet, so it would be rude not to have a little look, especially when i have to work on Christmas eve afternoon! What's your best sale buy and any tips i can steal? I hope i haven't jinxed myself writing this post!