All dressed up in love!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collarless Swing Coat - Tesco (£45.00)

Before i begin, let me just note that these snaps were taken in such haste due to the large quantity of builders sitting in the Tesco cafe having a good ponder at me as i whipped out my iPhone. Full English's aside, i LOVE this coat! Evoking my inner Kate Middleton, i've always, always lusted over a clean cut classic cream winter coat. The no-collar just screams 50's prim and proper, something a bit special. And where did i find one? Oh just ya know, stocking up groceries (sweets and magazines) in my local Tesco for a barginous £40, as a lovely sales assistant thrust a five pound off voucher in my face. Perfect.

I have a rather alarming stash of coats already, but really lets think rationally here. Let me put on my glasses. Lets coin the term Coat-Cost-Per-Wear. We live in bloody England, its always sodding raining and pouring. What keeps us going the winter months, apart from copious cups of tea and leaving our beloved pyjamas on the radiator, its a good winter coat. You practically wear it solidly right from October to February, so technically they become cheap as chips. God good, was that a long enough excuse? Just nod, and feel free to pass it off as your own.

Tesco currently have a promo running online, by entering AW-LFW to save £10 off £40 purchases. Which is i dare say rather tempting, especially with these TS look-a-like shift dress and black boots, which are in my eyes a steal at that price. 

Have you decided what coat trend you'll be wearing this year? I'm still partial to my previous buys, including a pillar box red duffle and my endless faux fur fitted navy coats. This coral 60's coat by Warehouse is another sneaky purchase i'm planning, what a way to jazz up the morning commute.