Ins and Outs - 23rd September

Friday, September 23, 2011
Nails Growing

I'm the first to admit it and i know its seriously horrendous, but i'm a nail biter. Dear lord, i've tried all sorts to combat it - but nada. Fowl tasting lotions & potions, i'm still a nibbler. But, when Models Own recently had their 50% off sale online (off which i completely missed as i tried to place it ten whole minutes  after the deadline - pah), i felt sorry for myself and ordered Pink Fizz anyway. Three weeks later after repeatedly applying over Ciate's Guestlist, i have a full set of nicely grown, but neatly short nails - hurrah! Clearly long nails triumphed over having a right gob full of pink glitter, gross but true.


As much as the thought of turning twenty two horrifies me (i swear i've only bee 21 ten minutes and really, what a boring age to be) i'm utterly excited at the prospect of a drawn out week of birthday celebrations. It's sad to think that this time last year i was off to Paris, but i've eagerly booked a mini-break (a night) in Brighton with the boy, basically so i can scoff those hot yummy doughnuts on the pier and scour the lanes for hidden shopping gems. Not forgetting a night of bad dancing, strong cocktails and 80's tunes with my close friends.

At the Jardon du Luxembourg last year - would love to get married here.

London Fashion Weekend

Some-how, some-where, theres an almightily fairy god mother dishing me out some serious luck. Just after winning a Kindle, i managed to nab some London Fashion Weekend tickets and a few goodies from Debenams from one of their beauty twitter comps! They do say, you can't win a competition if you don't enter, and i'm a serial competition enterer. But i'm pretty clueless to London Fashion Weekend, some one care to enlighten me? Any tips?  

Being a Graduate

Currently i'm practically working full-time at my part-time retail job, i've found a few vacancies in PR and Publishing, but really, there's not much out there in the magazine world. I'm a firm believer in waiting for the right job to crop up rather that taking anything that swings your way. I'm perfectly happy plodding along serving my grannies till i see the right position.


Did i mention i'm turning 22? Twenty Two? Before you know it you turn 23, then twenty-five when every one expects you to flounce up the alise, then flirty thirty when people eye up your womb expecting babies left right and centre, don't get me start on the middle-age hot flushes, then your retired and the only thing your life revolves around is WI and baking. Well if that isn't depressing, who knows what is.

I'll leave you with something sweeter to leave you with, My Girl by The Temptations.

Any recommendations for glittery varnishes will be much appreciated?