Your hands they shake with goodbyes.

Sunday, September 4, 2011
I'm pretty damn picky when it comes to my perfume, with my all time favourite being Chance by Chanel. I like to beilive its my own personal scent, you know that waft of heavenly allure as i enter a room or waltz past. When really i spritz like a mad woman possessed, and just end up conducting sneeze fest. God i could literally bathe in Chance. I do have a few others on the back burner, mainly Moschino I Love Love, which has had slightly mixed receptions, ranging from 'when ever i smell it i think of you...' to 'it smells like a fruit market round here, is that you?' Charming. Other notable mentions are Jean Paul Gualtier Classic, Juicy Couture Couture Couture and Daisy by Marc Jacobs (at a slight push).
 As you can tell i'm rather a perfume snob, i like powerful, yet unique scents that linger well throughout the day. However, whilst at work i don't particularly want to keep splashing on expensive perfumes. I happened to cast my nose upon the perfumes in Zara whilst waiting in the queue, and i was most surprised and amazed at their range of perfumes, that mostly retail at just under a tenner. I sniffed away until i came across Iris, a 50ml bottle of fresh, enchanting fragrance. I had to buy it. I recognised that smell, it was very familiar. I purchased it and wore it last weekend, then it hit me. It is the perfect dupe for Givenchy Very, my 14 year old self's very first perfume. I fell in love all over again, it has such similar notes. I did some serious googling to find there are many more in the range that are suppose-able dupes for other well mainstream perfumes - interesting. And whilst i won't be casting off my Chance allure, its the perfect fragrance to throw in my handbag for work or days that i'm just pottering around.

Have you ever tried Zara perfumes? Or know of any other worthy dupes to be shared? When stocking on cosy knits this A/W, i'll be sure to have a sniff of the other Zara fragrances. And the final million dollar question, what is your scent of allure? Note, throughout this post i say the word allure in the tone of Miranda Hart.