Jus' a rascal

Monday, September 26, 2011
In my last post i mentioned i had won tickets to London Fashion Weekend, not going to lie i was completely clueless to what the whole shebang entailed. From what i gather its a lead on even from LFW at Somerset House which is open to the public, apart from that i'm still oblivious to it's purpose to be frank - a big shopping event? It has a series of the same catwalk shows running throughout the day, and basically hundreds of stalls selling 'designer items.' Although i am thankful for winning the tickets, i'm also glad i didn't waste £16.50 to be hard-sold a number of brands i had never heard of. You also have to pay extra for a goody bag (which completely baffles me?) and repetitive catwalk show. Sarah and i literally spent less than an hour at the event, where we were mostly bombarded and harassed (especially by Burts Bee's - which saddens me quite a bit). The only designers we checked out were Olivia Rubin (great reductions but the awkward never sell pieces) and lots of overpriced jewellery stands that i would never look twice at the discount price. However, we did hotfoot it over to Alex Monroe which happened to be the highlight of the day!

Alex Monroe is one my favourite British jeweerlly designers, his designs are inspired by where he grew up in Sulfolk, the fields, nature and rivers surrounding him. Alex's designs are whimsical, dainty, awfully pretty and feminine. I was lucky enough to recieve a key pendant last year for my birthday, and ever since i  have always enjoyed gazing over his latest collections. The stand at LFWeekend not only presented his latest collections, of which have completely fallen head of heels in love with this ring, but a reduced range.

Snow Drop Ring - Alex Monrow (£60.00)

This particular ring caught my eye, its very dainty with a twisted rope like gold plated band with a series of silver flower buds and a glittering stone. Its delicate, intricate design is what makes it so entirely unique. It also wears well on my left hand, as on my right i wear my cocktail ring, which is pretty much right up in your face, nice to meet you. I was more than happy to pay the reduced price, simply because his items are rather expensive and i imagine the initial selling price was almost double what i paid. An early birthday present to one's self, i really have to stop buying myself presents..

Have you been caught up with Alex Monroes jewellery before? 

Also quick mention, i did a guest review on my lovely friend Charlottes blog Lipglossiping all about my eyebrows, yes thats right, you heard, my brows! How did i go from nada to Brooke Shields? If i were you i'd go for the awful up close, scrutinising mug shots.

Another final note, Sarah and i after leaving the rather naff London Fashion Week head off to the National Portrait Gallery where we checked out the Glamour of the Gods exhibition, a collection of photos of the old Hollywood stars and starlettes - think Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. A definite must to visit