The Scientist.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
After my last post about the obsessive nature of buying all things beautiful, i had many comments asking for more information on products and the way i store it all. It's really quite hard posting such things on the internet, knowing that there are trolls out there (mostly people i will never know or meet, and a few drifters from my real life) who will be quick to judge and harvester negative thoughts. If you fall in to that option, please kindly leave. As this blog serves as one purpose alone, to personally share what ever i fancy, i drift from posting between fashion, style and beauty - not being a regular beauty blogger. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show my most loved products of which i use on a regular day-to-day basis and how i store it. Well enough ramble, lets get started.
The clear plastic storage i use is from a brand called Muji, they are moderately priced, not cheap as chips but neither breaking the bank. I strongly suggest ordering online, as lugging draws around the London Undergroud aint a bundle of fun i tell you. I chose the Two Draw Acrylic Set, which neatly stacks in place if you need to add more. They are ever so easy to clean and the main appeal for me, is that i can actually see my make-up. If i can't see it, i won't use it. 
On top stands my brushes and a few random products. The small floral cup is actually a Cath Kidtson Sugar Pot and is currently home to my Mac small brushes that i was given to at Christmas. The white cut-out holder is from Paper Chase and holds a variety of brushes that i use on a daily basis, where as the politely borrowed Starbucks mug holds the rest of my brushes. The range of brushes i use are mainly ELF (amazing), Stigma (competition prize but rather good i dare say), No7 (with £5 voucher!s), Eco Tools (so soft!) and a few random strays. I stand by the mantra - the more brushes, the less often you had to wash.
The first drawer is one of my base drawers, it holds my bronzers and face powders. I swear by Nars Laguna and Chanel Bronze Universal bronzers - switching between the two; then mostly setting my foundation with L'Oreal Touch. The Mac MSF is far too heavy at the moment and the Mac Prep and Prime is for extra-long days.
The second drawer houses my main face drawer, i'm currently using Chanel Mat Lumier mixed with a spot of EL Double Wear Light as i'm still in-between shades from holiday. They mix amazingly well, but how pricey! I swear by my Mac Pro Long Wear for concealing in general and use the Mac Studio Fix for blemishes. My Laura Mercier eye brow pencil is bloody amazing, when i have the time and patience. The ELF eyeshadow primer beats Urban Decay eye primer right out of the water too in terms of price and quality.
For an eyeshadow virgin i have quite er a few. I have a few pallets by Benefit, Inglot, Urban Decay and Mac which i rotate often. But on a day to day basis i always rely on Nars duo Tzarine, it's champagne shadow for day wear is perfect and i strangely cannot find Mac dupe. With an added touch of Mac All that Glitters or Nars Nepal in the crease for when i really push the boat out. I always line with ELF's Coffee Gel liner and on nights out i religiously use Clinique True Black Gel Liner on my tight liner for its long-lasting powder and its true blackest black colour. 
My favourite drawer! And my weakness. I clearly cannot have enough blusher and clearly Nars is amongst my favourite brand ever, especially so for their amazing shades and lasting power in their blushes. I have so many due to ASOS who kept sending me the wrong shades and told me to keep the wrong ones, oh snap! Sleek Rose Gold is the best high-street blusher i've come across and Jemma Kidd's 5th Avenue is a major favourite of mine. 
Of course it didn't end there.. i have a few Mac blushes with the most notable mention being Pink Swoon, almost nearly finished (sob!) with a few strangers from other brands such as Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Bojouris and MUF.
This looks horrendous but really isn't. My Mac masacra's have long hit the dust but i'm keeping them safe and tight for Back to Mac. I would say i alternate between the rest but currently i'm using a beaten up L'Oreal Telescopic as my beloved others are really on their last legs. Notable mentions include 17's Wild Curls, Dior Show and MUF Smokey Lash.
My lip drawer has slightly increased since my Duty Free spree, but i have acquired mostly Mac basic play-it-safe shades such as Hue and Ever Hip, and my most prized Chanel Coco Rogue Shines. My most daring and playful shades being a bright pink Mac's Chatter Box and Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, a recent love of mine. Notable mentions being Revlon's Peach Petal lipgloss, 17's Beehive and Clarin's Pink Natural Lip Perfector, the tastiest toffee lip balm.
And finally my eye liner drawer, go which i've acquired from magazine freebies and from random pallets and sets. My ultimate liner being the L'Oreal Super Liner, hands down the easiest liquid liner to use. With ELFs Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils worth a quick mention too for their amazing quality for as little as £1.50 a pop. Theres also some random titbits mostly Clinique lip glosses i have received for free with sets and what nots, plus a few Lancome eyeshadow pallets that need more love and attention.

So there you have it, long winded but worth it? 
Link me to your posts if you have done one please.

And Sarah, my probably horrified best friend, i really do use it all - before you impose a strict ban on me never to set foot in any beauty hall ever again!

And if you haven't stolen a Starbucks mug, then you haven't lived!