Fashion's Night Out 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011
As i'm sure most of you were all well aware of my relentless excitement to the build up for Vogues Fashion's Night Out held on Thursday, and whilst it didn't fare up to the two previous years - it never does - i still had a brilliant time! The best things in life are the best things kept secret, and FNO was the perfect example. With Bond Street on utter lock down, the entire street was paraded by London's most fashionable. I could have simply people-gazed all evening, every single woman (and lots of very handsome men) were dolled up in their utter finest. The atmosphere was pure excitement, with ladies in a hurried frenzy marching to the next store on their planned route. Sadly, along with the masses of all fashionable came the long queues that built up mostly up Bond St. However, twas to be expected and although i did not quite fancy the twenty minute queue for Hermes, i did however sought out the other must-be spots...

Outfit of the night consisted of:

Navy Blazer - Zara
Tee -Topshop
Floral Skirt - Topshop
Pumps - Office
Alexa - Mulberry
Brave Cherry Smile - Model's own with a little help of Revlon's Cherry in the Snow.

My date for the evening, Sarah:

Embellished Dress - French Connection
Pumps - Debenhams

After much rushing with plenty of time to spare, Sarah and i hit up Selfridges beauty hall naturally. Whereby we made a pitstop to the Chanel stand to gaze lovingly at the new blue denim inspired collection and kick our selves for wearing glitter nail varnish and not bagging a free mani.

Manis at Chanel in Selfridges.
Not trusting one's self for a moment longer amongst the beautiful lipsticks, we walked along to Mount Street, past the rather scary mary American Embassy, to Marc by Marc Jacobs. This is my hidden gem of  London, holding Marc's Special Line of amazingly priced bits and bobs, i do like to have a ganders of the newest accessories. After swooning over the new A/W collections, i happened to prize my eyes on a rather charming pair of denim shorts, scruffed up, soft and well fitting. The price you ask? Ten pounds. Yup, reduced from a horrendous amount i shan't say. Whilst i tried not to squeal/scream/heartattack in utter excitement, i swiftly walked to the counter and paid. As the clock struck 6 o'clock, i was also handed a good bag!

Marc by Marc Jacobs window.
Sarah purchased 'Is it Marc Jacobs? tee. 
Amazing £10 Marc Jacobs shorts!
Carnival goody bag tote.
Marc Jacobs Minx Nails - i LOVE the print! 
Trotting along we came across the Net-A-Porter Shopping Window, which was basically a large wall adorned with various designer pieces in which you could buy or win. You simply had to download the app, focus the camera on particular item to see if you won! After much pushing and shoving, Sarah on a borrowed iPad speedily blitzed every item though sadly not winning anything. Though the lovely ladies from Net-A-Porter who were not only kind enough for me and Sarah to man-handle their iPads but gave us goody bags for being two of the first fifty to arrive! We literally stalked off down the road and opened a little black box to reveal a £50 Net-A-Porter voucher! After mentally summing up all the lovely bits i had lusted over recently and lots of deep breathing, we scooted off to Lanvin for apple macaroons and very expensive champers.

Sarah going iPad crazy at the Net-A-Poter window.

What on EARTH to buy?
Lanvin macaroons! 
Whilst waiting for Christian Louboutin to open, we hopped over to Jenny Packham to swoon over her amazing dresses, truly breathtaking. I have long admired her wedding dresses, and after see the delicate beautiful creations in real life i had to pinch oneself and remind myself that i'm not actually getting married, let along pegging it off down the street with a pink glittery cup cake in one hand and wedding dress in the other. In-fact i think they suspected something, as they actually erm, locked us n the actual shop. I'll be back, in a few more years time when i'm actually engaged and willing to pay for it.

Waiting patiently outside Christian Louboutin.
Back to Christian Louboutin to see some very, very plastic ladies being let in on the guest list. Whilst i applaud two ladies for the sheer determination to walk in such astounding CL high-heels, i couldn't quite look past her plastic-looking legs and pumped up face, blimely. She was only in her late twenties - i think! Clearly my bitterness surrounding the guest list is still present, but why not put that on the FNO webby? Lots of us normal ladies, non-VIPs, shared looks of disappointment and slaughtered off to Bond St.
Dashing up Bond Street
Quick pitstop in Juicy Couture to sample my very first Pink Berry and see that Jonny Borrel has washed since his Razorlight days, and clearly failed from going to headline at Reading to mooching around in Juicy Couture. Lots of smouldering preppy girls eyeing his attention, awkward.
DKNY taxi.
Next up to Matthew Williamson, where i saw the man himself. Lucky for him i did not pester him this year for a photo, but sashayed past making a bee-line for the free Hargan Dazz.
LV window.
We then headed to Diane Von Furtensberg, where things were much more livelier and much more buzz excitement. After a few spritz's of her new perfume titled Diane, we snuck over to this photo booth area. Which actually turned out to be a 7 second camera flash capturing movement which was then printed into a flip book. Such a simple idea, but so much fun! The DVF ladies were so friendly and fun, after relieving our flip book i said thank you to the lady stapling the books together, and she replied, rather startled, 'thank you for saying thank you..' I was rather taken aback - food for thought there.

DVF flip book (see video below!) and her fresh new scent.

We then hit up main Bond St, which was rife with queues heading mostly down the streets. I spotted various models and unkempt band members. We decided to bite the bullet and queue for Mulberry. After  much shoving and pushing we were in, it was such a good vibe! There were fortune tellers, face painters, beer (win win) and as many competitions you could enter as long as you could fill in your details quick enough. I also spotted model Cara Delevigne who i practically couldn't stop staring at, she's really striking in real life, serious eyebrow envy. Before nose diving in for a goody bag we also stopped to don A/W animal masks for a quick pose in front of the wintery wonderland scenery.

Sarah modelling the Mulberry goody bag! 
Clarins Moisturiser and Nail Wraps.
Mulberry stickers and fox mask!
Wonderland creatures! With a drunken Edward and random, but very sweet girl from the queue!
After popping into various other shops along Bond St, the night started to dwindle very early on. Only visiting a handful of shops that what i did last year, i still managed to whip up some almighty goodies, even though i'm slightly, completely gutted and hateful that one of my best friends met the man of my dreams David Gandy, i will not post the photographic evidence as in my mind it never happened. BITTER! I did alas hunt up and down Bond St for the man in question, swoon, but he had clearly moved on to the Coach party. Sad times.


Did you go to FNO?