Beauty Favourite: 1

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Over the past month of October, i purchased an alarming amount of make-up. I would feature these all in one post, but i really don't want to bore your socks off - so i will break them up into separate posts. In no particular order, the first contender is:

Bobbi Brown - Pot Rogue for Lips and Cheeks in Calypso Coral (£16.50)

This bright coral blusher was given to me for my birthday, i eagerly hunted it down in John Lewis, whilst the boy looked on rather baffled. Although, the colour may scream orange! in your face, it actually creates a the most natural pop of coral on to your cheeks. However, when using this, one must have a light touch. I haven't even attempted to use my fingers to apply, scared of the thought of looking like a contoured pumpkin! Whilst i was in Paris, i purchased the Sephora mineral brush which i had originally planned to use with foundation, but it surprisingly it works wonders with the Bobbi Brown. It distributes the product evenly enough, with its ever soft kabuki styled top. Perfect for buffing the right amount of coral. They key is to start of minimum and build up, but know when to stop! 

I can't say i would ever use this on my pout, but i will definitely be looking at some of the other shades on offer.