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Thursday, November 11, 2010
I'm rather particular about jewellery, i wear the same pieces everyday, mostly out of sheer laziness. 
And because i really do love the bits i already have! See a previous post here.

One thing that has caught my eye recently is Daisy Stacked Rings, they are purposely bought to be 'stacked' - but i think most of them look better when worn alone, just simple and dainty. Fuss-free.


Damask £25.00 / Mega Rose £33.00 / 
Sunflower £33.00 / Prunus £44.00
Cinnamon £39.00

I love the chain pattern on the band rings, and how Chanel does that flower ring look like - it's basically the iconic camellia. I adore the pearl rings too, i already own a similar ring from Accessorize, though it's slightly knackered, boo. Although, they are all slightly higher in price than your average 'dress' ring, but they are made out of sterling silver, aka no dirty green fingers! And the pearls are fresh water, so no chipping plastic.

I also think these would make fabulous christmas presents too - infact i may put all five on my list!

They can be bought online here, or even at John Lewis.

top tip: if your rings make your fingers go fungus looking green, paint clear nail varnish around the ring to act as barrier.