you can't hurry love!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
It's always the same problem, i have a wardrobe bursting full of clothes, but nothing to wear?
Enough was enough, i cleared out all my summer bits and safely tucked them away, which actually translates to shoving and squashing everything to a chest of drawers. I also had a good strict method of if i hadn't worn it in 6 months, they to would be sent to the chest of drawers - i couldn't just throw them out, i'm a hoarder.

My wardrobe suddenly looked very sad, sure, it had all my favorite pieces that i wear constantly, it just needed updating.

Outfit of the day, courtesy of H&M dressing room,

coat - Topshop
striped tunic - Topshop
scarf - Zara 
boots - H&M

dress - H&M (£29.99)

this is cute, but i need to frantically fake tan, or according to my mother you can't tell where the dress starts/ends.

Wool blended camel shorts - H&M (£19.99)

i don't er actually have that bulge in real life, thats my tunic.
these are great quality, and i'm loving the shade. 

red ballet pumps - New Look (£8.00)

granny cardigan - New Look (£21.99)

loafers - Henry Holland at Debenhams (£25.00)

steal! but my god, they HURT.
they say beauty = pain, they weren't lying.

And just for jokes! 

knitted hair band to stop my ears from freeeezing! 

Primark - (£1.50)

I have the shopping bug, i cannot help it, H&M is certainly drawing me in. 

(and those pieces of paper in the background would be my dissertation planner ;))