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Sunday, November 21, 2010
Vintage clothing isn't really my sort of thing. It's not that i don't 'get' it or dismiss it any way, i just cannot seem to find something that suits me? Much to my annoyance, two of my closet friends could spend hours in Rokit and find a whole wardrobe full of treasures, where as i see a mass jumble sale that resembles something more like a theatrical shop, not stuff i would ever care to wear, in like, public. Maybe i just don't have that flare for finding that perfect 1940's heel or 20's flapper dress.. but then spend a fortune on a Topshop copy.

Over the past week i came across a small online shop called Make Lemonade, which probably has changed my view completely of vintage fashion. Make Lemonade is the perfect middle man, who sorts through all the jumble for you, providing all the treasures for you! Their cute little shop is perfect for the un-experianced vintage buyer, or the down-right dedicated lover of vintage. With terribly affordable prices, it's very, very temping!

My top pick:

Country Blazer (£16.50!)

How lovely is this? Eat your heart out Topshop & Zara!

What are your thoughts on vintage?

Be sure to check out Make Lemonade, they are due to hit Asos Market Place very soon too!