Beauty Favourite: 2

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (£25.00)

I'm quite the foundation addict, as some of you will know. But there has been one foundation that has stopped me in my tracks. I have been road-testing this from the start of October,  and can honestly say nothing bad about this product..

The major flaw of the perfect foundation journey is the inability to ever find the correct formulation, my needs and wants aren't that demanding:

  • correct shade
  • last all day
  • cover large pores and blemishes without looking heavy
  • and most importantly look natural.
My first impressions of Estee Lauder is that of old lady and powdery blue eyeshadow. Oh, how wrong i was? When i approached the sales assistant in John Lewis, much to my friends surprise, i went all guns blazing, telling her exactly what i wanted. And there, within ten minutes i was sorted. She colour-matched me, run through the major qualities of the product and sent me on my way with sample in hand, and with the promise of if i bought the foundation and it didn't meet my expectations, i could return it, used or un-used. Well i haven't heard of that before?

Needless to say, i bought it the day after next. And since then it has ticked every box. My thoughts follow:

  • the shade is perfect for my colouring
  • the small amount does wonders, the coverage is so good, i barely need concealer. 
  • it covers my pores around my nose very well, making them barely visible
  • it stays set all day (albeit a little powder) it stays fresh
  • it is no-where near heavy or mask like 
  • it's in a tube, so no silly pumps or screw lids, easy and hygienic

Overall, i don't see myself straying from the Double Wear Light (never say never!), but really i actually feel very happy (and relived) to have finally found 'the one.' ;)

Have you ever tried this foundation? And even if you are or aren't on the look out for a new foundation, grab a sample just for hand bag touch ups, emergencies or just plain curiosity.