Style List: 9th November 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pride of Britain Awards


Abby Clancy sure knows how to pull of the fierce look. I can never remember if she's the one dating Peter Crouch, i just know it's a footballer. But never the less, this wag slash model looks pretty damn good in her long black maxi, teamed with that fitted blazer. 

Just a shame she couldn't of added a pop of colour to brighten up the outfit. The leopard print heels just don't cut it. 

However, Abbey's smoked out brown eyes really do give the come-to-bed- eyes, with the perfect tousled do.

verdict: B-


I'm not going to lie, i'm slightly biased on this one, my secret guilty pleasure is Girls Aloud. (the saturdays, who?) Each of them have their own kick ass style, and who doesn't love a bit of Chezza and Nicola? - personally my favs!

Cheryl keeps it relativity safe in long black maxi (do i see a pattern forming here?) and leaves her fancy frocks for the weekend. Yet she vamps it up with her daring berry lips, to match her (fading) red-do. The main love of this outfit are those killer black shiny strapped heels peaking out, i'm lusting to see more. 

Mean while fresh faced Nicola, looks radiant in her nude peach, draped dress. But my eyes cannot be drawn from her luscious orange curls, they work so perfectly with her complexion and really add a unique pow! to her outfit. 


Chezza B-
Nicola A


It was great to see Kimba and Sarah bring introduce some colour and retro style. I get that the Pride of Britain Awards is suppose to make you cry, there's no need to dress all dull and dowdy.

Although Sarah looks like she's snogged half the paps with that smothered lippie, i can't deny she looks ever the wanna be Hollywood starlet here. We are so used to her gelling her hair this way and everywhere, the retro marcel curls add that 20's feel to the utterly gorgeous lace nude mini. Kudos for sparkly gold peep toes.

Kimberly, always annoyingly gets referred to as the 'curvy' one, looks stunning in this jewel coral coloured maxi dress, it synchs in at her tiny waist, giving her the best hour glass shape. And seriously, whatever shampoo and conditioner the GA girls are using i need on the asap. Her thick curls give the dress some balance, and that red lipstick is the only accessory she needs! 

Sarah B+
Kimba B-


I do like Holly Willoughby, but my gosh, could that blue dress look any boring? It looks like it's come straight out of Marks and Sparks, and ready for a woman twice her age to wear. Thank god for the slick of red nail varnish, because thats the only thing exciting here - even her hair  just looks like she's just walked straight off the sofa with Phillip. 

Come on, Holly wheres the yummy mummy?

verdict: D

I'll attempt to watch the Pride of Britain awards, with of course a box of Kleenex to hand. One thing springs to mind, clearly Nadine wasn't invited, or that she's too busy 'promoting' her new album. Snigger.

Should this become a regular feature on my blog?
Let me know!