Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dress - H&M (£14.99)

Oddly the boy received the new H&M lookbook in the post before i did, after he worryingly shoved it my hands and cussed ever ordering me presents from the H&M site. As i began to flick through their new A/W collections, i mentally made the biggest wish possible. Seriously, the pieces are so on trend yet so simple and so bloody affordable. I couldn't help but lust over the above dress, which i so happened to hunt eagerly down whilst picking up some last holiday bits.

Its the Zara dress i lusted over but could never quite afford, its the Miss Guided dress that is actually good quality and cheaper! Its the perfect cut, i adore the heavy material, especially the longer arm length and its not ridiculously short. I cannot wait to pair this with a black waist belt and thick black tights! I may also have to snap up the other black and orange shades!

This burnt orange colour will definitely inject some warmth in to A/W. Also making a mental note that i must, must buy that bag.

In other news, just before i leave you for my two week holiday, i have something exciting to share. Yesterday morning was pretty much a disaster, Thomas Cook phoned to say that our hotel had been closed because of no water supply or air con; so they were transferring my family to another hotel. My typically male father incorrectly wrote the wrong call centre advisor telephone number down to confirm,  so my mother waited (i wont say patiently) three hours and forty minutes on hold to sort it.

Needless to say Warehouse Twitter saw my despair and as part of their 30 day Ware Treats giveaway they kindly, but bloody amazingly treated me to a KINDLE! Something i've ben pondering over for a while, i say as i eye up the five books in my carry on luggage. And, my mum finally got through and we have been upgraded to a more premium hotel! I honestly never win anything, maybe i should have done the EuroMillions eh? There is still another eight more days to win a WareStyle treat, simply become a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower to be in with a chance! 

See you in two weeks! Hopefully i will be laden with duty free purchases (Victoria Secrets anyone?) and  endless bottles of Cuban rum, yum. I have set up a few exciting scheduled posts so dare say keep an eye out for those, and follow me on twitter if you want to see my duty free goodies up and early tomorrow morning.


p.s i'm going to take lots of outfit snaps, even though thats pointless because when i get back a/w will be here? thoughts on a post card please! ;)