Oh I look just like Buddy Holly.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy moly. Megan Fox is my ultimate girl crush. Who cares if she had a fling with Shia or mouthed of Michael Bay (who's a jerk none the less)? In the latest Armani Eyes to Kill promo shots she looks fucking fierce. Intense smokey eye and a perfect pink pout, i would kill to trade bodies/eyebrows with her any day. Realistically thinking maybe i should just stick to perusing the new Armani shadows first. 

In other news i went for my contact lense trial at Boots on Thursday, i really cannot fault their service, they were so lovely - even during the awkward moment when i replied to the female optician what that my nail varnish was Nars Orgasm and she spluttered coffee every where, and we gazed into the air awkwardly as she asked 'is that the colour, of, a, it, um?' 

Moving on after a rather pricey eye test (being an adult actually sucks), i was led to a poor bloke named Thomas in another office to try a few lenses out. After squirting solution over his trousers, dropping about five lenses on the floor (and yet again his trousers) i managed to literally throw one in my eye, after twenty minutes of trying. It doesn't hurt, there are no horror stories, its just plain tricky. Poor Thomas. I literally screamed in full force 'I CAN SEE!' pointing at the emergency exit sign across the shop. Yes poor poor Thomas.

They sent me on my way with another five free pairs, and i go to pick up a proper two free trial packets on Monday - not bad really! I have since tried them on at home, cue managing to take one out and not the other, leaving me feeling drunk, nauseous, dizzy and blind in one eye for roughly half an hour, consequently stacking it up the stairs in the mean time.

If you are thinking about trying contacts i definitely recommend Boots, and if you have a free moment this weekend there is a fabulous documentary on Valentino titled The Last Emperor on the BBC iPlayer, my favourite quote from his partner - 'I think you should tone down the [fake] tan a tad.'