Fly me to the moon.

Friday, July 29, 2011
The very thought of fake tan sets my mind whirring in horror, there have been many forays in the world of giving my self that olive glow, that have more then mostly turned out to be truly horrifying. As much as i would love to look permanently glowing, healthy and looking like oh-hello-i've-just-arrived-home-from-the-bahamas, it alls boils down to laziness. Truth be told i cant be assed with the faff. The careful art of tanning application, without the dreaded streaks and not to mention trying to reach that bloody awkward, can never reach spot on your back, whilst smelling like a packet of Rich Tea biscuits; all at least three times a week is really not appealing in the slightest. I'll tan when and where i see fit, basically my arms, chest and legs (aka the actual bodily parts on show) literally two days before an event. An event? Good god i sound like a right socialite. And scrap the two days prep, try the panic, crazed morning/early evening application rush. 

Despite this, i have managed to hap-hazzardly along the way formulate a safe, fool-proof way of tanning..

Prepping the skin for tanning is a vital step in creating a long lasting and unpatchy overall tan, using a salt scrub like the above will exfoliate away any old skin cells and provide a smooth, fresh base to apply tan. Currently i'm using the above scrub by the brand Naked, a natural range found in Boots. It has a good gloop* to it, aka not runny. The salt scrub particles are pretty large and are easily massaged into the skin, without leaving a gross layer of thin gunk on the skin you find in other scrubs. Another fabulous tip i've come to realise is applying the scrub on dry skin rather than wet in the shower - where i mostly loose handfuls in the shower tray and try hopelessly scooping it up like a mad woman. This way however you can work the scrub in to the skin for longer, making the product work better and easier.

A good old scrub is definitely needed on ankles and elbows, or they will turn a very eye catching shade of orange - a look i've sadly sported quite a few time, a thin layer of vaseline or body butter over dry skinned areas will combat this too. 

I'm not going to lie and say i've used every fake tanner on the market, but what i will say is this is one tanner that rules them all. Forget gradual tanners, your just asking to be tangoed, or the worst of them all: tanning wipes, St Moritz foam is a holy grail tanner. Priced around a bargainous £2.99, its a faction of St Tropez (basically the same product) however it is not readily available on the high-street so i snapped mine up easily on Amazon. Applied with a bog standard tanning mitt, this tan has green undertones unlike other tanners of which are mostly red. This green undertone promotes a more olive shade, and boy they aren't lying. The tanner is easy to spread and due to the dark nature of moose you can instantly see where its been applied and the colour darkens instantly over the next hour or two. Perfect when you need to tan in a rush.

What i will say is that when showering, a fraction of the tan will wash off but it still leaves a streak-free more natural faded application all over. God forbid should we be blessed finally with a sunshine filled week i would reapply every 3-4 nights.

I really cannot recommend this tanner enough! 

Throughout the week and before another application, i use a pair of cheap exfoliating gloves with my normal shower gel to rid of any build-up and create another smooth base. They are dirt cheap and you can apply any pressure you feel necessary!

All fake tanners are pretty drying on the skin, so definitely get in the routine of applying moisturiser after showering. This Superdrug Vitamin E moisturiser does the job but is rather light and sinks in almost immediately, cheap as chips for a massive tub. It has added bonus points of smelling really fresh and summery too. 

I'm far too much of a wuss in attempting to fake tan my face with the St. Moritz, but when Hannah recommended the Olay facial tanner i snapped up a bottle. It adds a gradual, light tan to the face overall giving a more healthier tan appearance, rather than turning a nasty orange. It is rather greasy though, so definitely to be used every other night before bed. And remember to massage the cream throughly into the hair line, on and around the ears, neck and learn from my mistakes to wash your hands straight after!

If the facial tanner sounds a tad too daunting - i was petrified the first time - just fake it with bronzer. My two personal favourites that i switch up daily is Nars Laguna powder bronzer, with a slight shimmer and being rather sheer its perfect for building up to a desired shade. And my love affair with Chanel cream bronzer has still not faded since i bought it last year, its easy to blend, a very subtle colour and a fabulous contour product. Both products are on the pricer scale, but i've hardly dented either considering i bought them last summer and used them both daily, they are both amazing.

Any further tanning tips to share?

* yes i just make that word up, i have no idea what gloop is, you get the jist.