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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I haven't created a Lust List in forever, and what with the weather being slightly irrational i've been tempted by my chunky knitts - awful when i've just spent a fortune on buying a summer wardrobe! Alas, here is my rather bi-polar i-dont-know-if-its-summer-or-winter wish list..

Knee High Riding Boots - H&M (£29.99)

What an affordable staple for A/W, i love the two tone material and the 'slim' shape. Look perfect with tea dress, tights and oversized cardi.

Cable Knit Jumper - H&M (£24.99)

I could literally put this on right now, it looks so comfy. Worn with a floral skirt, black biker boots.

Navy Pansy Print Skirt - Topshop (£26.00)

I've bought a few similar skirts from TS in this style, really wearable and the price is rather, dare i say, amazing for Toppers? I don't know what i like more, the bow? the fact that its navy? or the oversized floral print?

Marlin Embellished Kipp Dress - Monsoon (£150.00)

Sadly this dress will have to stay firmly on my wish list, unless any one would kindly send me a wedding invitation, to say a reception in the south of France? Never the less, i adore the cut of the shift dress with the tuck waist, not to mention the idyllic turquoise shade and beautiful embellishment.

 Peter Pan Embellished Blouse - Warehouse (£38.00)

The photos really don't give this beautiful blouse justice! It would amazing teamed with a high-wasited body con skirt and killer heels or black satin drainpipes. 

Colour Block Slouchy Dress - Warehouse (£75.00)

I adore this dress! This was a major contender for a graduation dress, and i'm slightly sad i never bought it. Very tempted to sneakily buy it and save it for my birthday, in October ahem! The classic red and cream colour block dress is so simple and the gold belt just brings it all together, and who would have ever thought this was high-street? This dress looks fit for the red carpet! 

 Formal Bow Pleated Shift Dress - Oasis (£70.00)

This beautiful dress has been dubbed the Christmas dress, whats with all my forward wardrobe planning? It's pretty, sparkly and over all rather festive? Itching to be worn with thick black tights? Or tanned legs for a summer evening? I'm going crackers. 

Gold Sequin Overlay Top - Topshop (£38.00)

This wouldn't be a true lust list without any kind of embellished blouse thrown in, one day, one day i will ignore my mothers advice about all the sequins falling off in the washing machine and buy one - daughter rebellion at it's best.

Nude Crop Waterfall Jacket - Topshop (£60.00)

Its nude, its simple, it has the perfect cut. I need it.

Knitted Belted Ribbed Jumper - Topshop (£28.00)

I'm rather uncertain as to why i'm drawn to this jumper. There is clearly another Man Men love affair at work here, the nipped in belt, its so prim and proper, and a bit sickening, but that doesn't stop me adding it promptly to my virtual basket.

Burgundy Chinos - Topshop (£36.00) 

After declaring i was strictly a no trousers kinda girl, i am somewhat converted to the art of the chino. Cue the horror of said boyfriend and Grandmother who simply asked on Sunday afternoon over tea: 'what are those on your legs?' The item in question were my stone chinos from Tescos (seriously, do not underestimate the power of supermarket clothing) of which i rotating like crazy, due to the crazy nature of summer being a rainfest, and i cannot succumb to black tights in the middle of July, and breathe.

Navy Faux Fur Wool Coat - Topshop (£75.00)

Its never to early to snap up the ideal winter coat, even at retarded inflated prices. Whats not to love? A faux fur trim and navy, swoon.

Any of these pieces take your fancy?