Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slight delay in posting about my duty-free goodies, simply because i've been having a good play so i can report back all in good and proper fashion. To start the story (because there always is one..) the Sandiford family moseyed on in to duty-free pretty early at Gatwick North terminal, whereby i had no intentions of wasting time i frogmarched straight over the make-up counters like a force not to be reckoned with. Considering it happened to be payday and i had been given a belated birthday gift - belated as in last October - my darling friend knew me well enough to keep a card by for such moment!

Mac Paint Pot - Bare Study

I had been eyeing up the Mac Paint Pots (cream eyeshadows) for quite awhile, as my Urban Decay Primer Potion really doesn't cut it for me, however on another note the ELF eyeshadow primer is much better in my opinion. Anyway this works perfectly either as a primer under other shadows, intensifying the colour and lasting power, or just a general wash of champagne colour on the lids. It was perfect for holiday, easy to blend and wear. Definitely a staple.

Mac Blush - Style

With my shopping list in tow i had originally planned to purchase Springsheen, but the sales assistant informed me that most items were in-fact out of stock.. I could't pass up Style, which is pretty darn similar to Springsheen none the less. It is a frost/shimmery finish, a light coral sheer shade with a slight gold running through. I tried so hard not to buy another blusher, but hand on heart this does differ slightly from the other eight coral blushes i own, ahem.

Chanel Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick - Chance

Thats lipstick porn right there. These lipsticks are beyond beautiful and they live up to their ridiculously long names. I'm practically a lipstick virgin, anything too pigmented i run for the hills. But these babies are a sheer but pack a punch bright colour, they are creamy and hydrating, adding an impressive glossiness and rather good staying power surprisingly. Despite the horrendous prices - it is Chanel darling - these are definitely a firm favourite of mine!

Chance is a bright pop of pink, completely and utterly pretty with a tan but rather nice bright yet subtle pink on paler skin tones.

Chanel Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick - Evasion

Evasion is a more dusky pink in the tube, but its not to be over looked. On the lips it creates that shade 'your lips but better, i.e more kissable' even with a slight coral sheen.

Mac Lipstick - Creme Cup

Macs best lipstick formula is its Cremesheens, completely smooth and creamy, they apply like a dream. Already a mad fangirl of Hue, a lovely nude, Creme Cup is Hue's pinker cousin. More pigmented than the Chanel's, they are Macs two fail safe lipsticks. 

This would be my overly tanned hand, natural may i add, providing swatches.
Top L-R - Paintly Paint Pot, Style blush.
Bottom L-R - Evasion, Chance, Cremecup.

And of course, not forgetting duty free on the other side! In the tiny Cuban airport i snapped up the best rum around, Havana rum, so tasty. The little weathervane logo on the bottle was a landmark i visited here. With the larger bottle working out at a bargainous six pounds, each of my family clinked the entire way back to Gatwick. I also purchased many Cuban cigars, not for my consumption of course! but for friends.

Such a cheesy photo, i couldn't resist. I did sniff out some Victoria Secret's body mists but frankly they smelt like a tarts boudoir so i gave those a miss, i also went back to purchase some Chanel blush but was slightly scared when the sales assistant gave me the eye and said 'your honestly back again?!' I took this as a sign and retreated, of which now i thank her, as duty-free can be rather dangerous! So whilst i sip on my Cuba Libre cocktail (post to follow, so tasty!) and plan my next Chanel lipstick purchase, have a lovely evening!