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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've been meaning to do a skin-care post for quite a while, like i said in a previous post i will continue to thank my lucky star as my somewhat complicated teenage skin has left me behind. I still suffer with the occasional breakout, but nothing on the scale i used to. The following products are both cheap as chips and on the pricier side, and this fits in with the two ideas i believe in when it comes to skin care:

It doesn't matter if your night cream is a couple of quid or a small fortune, as long as the product works for your skin and you see an improvement whats not to love? Expensive doesn't always give startlingly results, but be realistic that a budget line may not work to the standard needed. You should know what you want to spend more money on in your skincare routine, i prefer to splurge on cleanser that will ultimately remove any dirt or make-up, thus in turn providing a clean fresh base, but choosing to save on my daily moisturiser as its suits the job perfectly.

Secondly, i believe less is more. Slathering your face in a variety of creams, and scrubbing your face day and night will only encourage the skin to replenish its natural oils, resulting in a more oiler complexion. Not nice. 

As long as your routine works for you, and you alone, theres no reason to change to follow what is in the rule book as such.

Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser - (£14.50)

This cleanser is my go to, it really deep cleanses my skin throughly - nearly making it squeaky clean! When i ran of my last bottle just before pay day, i started using a Neutrogena face wash, my skin went haywire, i broke out like crazy. As soon as i started reusing the Clinique cleanser my skin balanced back out. Although pricey, the absolute tiniest amount lathers like nobodies business and washes away even the meanest of waterproof mascaras. 

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - (£9.00)

After trailing the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish i decided that this way of cleansing wasn't for me, i prefer to wash my face whilst showering giving it a good scrub quick and easy - not faffing around massaging in cream cleanser onto dry skin, letting my eye make-up move up, down all around, till my whole face is covered in the remains of liquid liner.

 However, this is the perfect method for taking slap off when a) horrendously drunk or b) very tired indeed. More effective than a face wipe, slathering it on whilst dampening a cloth with warm water, then one big swipe of the muslin cloth round your choppers and ta dah! Need you never go to bed drunkenly with make-up on again! 

I find Liz Earle a tad pricey for my drunken make-up removing escapades, but the No7 works just as perfectly fine, plus a bargain with the £5 off vouchers.

Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Moisture Lotion - (£4.95)

I absolutely loath heavy day creams, they either feel too heavy and mask-like or they make my skin feel tight and unable to breath. I have worked my way through many bottles of the Pore Perfecting Lotion, its incredibly light but still giving the skin enough moisture, creating the perfect base for my sun screen and make-up. I can't say if they product has prevented any spots or any clogged pores, but with such a light lotion it feels so healthy on the skin.

Clinique Toner in 3 - (this size part of a set)

I bought this jumbo sized Clinique toner as part of a set that was reduced in the sale last christmas, of which i don't think you can buy separately on normal counters. I use this toner as a substitute of a normal morning cleanse, it chemically exfoliates dead skin cells as well as removing any oil or night cream residue whilst i was sleeping. I find if i was to re-use my Clinique foaming cleanser each morning, my skin works extra hard to replenish moisture and results in looking oilier and then leads to break outs. A small splash on a cotton pad refreshes my skin each morning, ready for my moisturiser.

Johnson's Night Cream - (£4.07)

This night cream is incredibly simple, its highly moisturising and definitely rehydrating. It has a bloomin' lovely fragrance to it, and i really feel my skin is being taken care off. It doesn't promise any outlandish claims, which i find appealing, just a bog standard cream. Maybe i should start looking for a more enhanced age-prevention cream? For the time being, i'm perfectly happy using this.

Clinique City Block Sheer 25 SPF - (£15.00)

I'm a strong believer in protecting my face from harmful sun rays, one of the main reasons behind the skin ageing, developing wrinkles and sun spots. I use this incredibly light suncream all year around - even in the winter - for protection, after my moisturiser and before make-up application. It acts as a great primer, neither being too oily or heavy, it absorbs quickly and creates a smooth base for my foundation.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil - (£16.50)

I received this at a press event a few weeks back and was amazed to hear its amazing qualities. I've always pondered on using a serum for the face, most on the market are horrendously expensive and are targeted at aint-aging. Where as the Rose Hip Oil is completely organic and can be used for a variety of conditions. I have started using two drops rubbed into my skin just before bed as an added treat of moisture and hydration.  

Boots Anti Blemish Gel - (£2.99)

I have tried countless spot treatments readily available on the high-street, and this fellow is the only handy little treatment i've found that dries up a pimple. I simply put this on the infected area at night and by morning it has reduced in size. I wouldn't say this is a wonder product (i don't think there is one!) but i am pleasantly surprised by the results from this gel.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - (£27.50)

This little tube is my ultimate skin care savour, the bottle may be battered and bruised, but it is throughly loved and it has transformed my hungover, ill, dull complexion completely. This balm is the ultimate primer of them all, only to be used on the most special occasions ora pick me up. Placed (not rubbed!) on  to the skin it creates a layer of moisture, creating the healthiest complexion i've ever had. With make-up added, it creates a dewy, fresh look. No wonder this baby is racking up skincare awards like crazy!

Johnson's Facial Cleansing Wipes - (£3.15)

Although i throughly believe using only a face wipe to remove all make-up is never going to happen, they are perfect for a quick fix here and there or every now and again. Whilst these wipes perform so well, their main fabulous quality is their ability to leave your skin uber uber soft! Literally skin like a babies bottom! They still wet within the packet, and unlike many they are soft on the skin and by no means scratchy. Like the night cream, they also have a refreshing scent. And occasionally Boots have any two Johnson's products for £4!

Orgins GinZing Eyecream - (£20.45)

I've never really been a sucker for eyecreams, far too lazy. Though whilst battling late nights and uni work, i suffered with dark under eye circles - not horrifically bad but when i saw this in a set for  reduced price after christmas i gave it a whirl. Its definitely a day eye cream as it instantly brightens a refreshes the eye area, providing the perfect base for concealer. I would recommend this entirely for that purpose, although the difference was noticeable i wouldn't say it was a cure for really bad eye circles.

Mint Helene Julep Mask - (£3.50)

This face mask has been mentioned many a time on my blog, not readily available in the UK i purchased a bottle of Amazon. Despite the fact it has the slight smell of weed, it does wonders to congested skin. This green clay masks actively dries up pimples, black heads and oily sections over time, giving noticeable results. I use this on a weekly basis, or every night leading up to an event  or just when my skin is going through the wars. I have had this tube for so long, its never ending! Throughly recommend.

So heres a run down of my skin care, i obviously don't use all the products every day, as and when i feel my skin needs them. I hadn't realised how many Clinique products i had within my routine, funny as i wouldn't look twice at their make-up and i feel that many of their products are very chemical based - though its doing my skin fine!

Have you used any of these products?