The Next Episode.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
In precisely a weeks time i will loose one of my most prized possessions, not only has it has been with me for well over five years, i have come love and appreciate its wonderful being, to the extent i honestly do not know how i will cope without it. For one week only, i truly intend to make full use of its gift and and finally come to turns with my loss. For ladies, my Nus card finally expires and i am no longer a fully fledged student no more. Sob! Thats right, goodbye Topshop discount, au revoir student concession, farewell cheaper cinema tickets, for i must embrace adult prices! 

A week however, seven days, i think you'll agree, is long enough to burn my student card to the ground and a perfect excuse to think, sod it, let me buy whatever the hell i want from Topshop... go!

Navy Faux Fur Collar Wool Coat - Topshop (£75.00)

Its navy and it has faux fur, i need say no more.
But i will though, i really do love the look of this coat despite the wool isn't very thick.
 And good heavens Phillip G, why so pricey? 
Hurry up winter.

Cable Knit Leggings - Topshop (£22.00)

I ummed and ahh-ed over these knitted leggings last winter, but never invested in a pair. They look so blimmin' warm and snuggly, perfect for the sub-zero climate London will turn to on a chilly morning. Plus, perfect snow attire. Dear god, did i just say that? Its not even the end of August yet.

Knitted Shoulder Lace Jumper - Topshop (£36.00)

Lace hasn't left the runway for past three years and this jumper is the perfect way of incorporating into your every day wardrobe, plus i really need to stop buying lace dresses. Additionally i love the monochrome black lace on top of the cream. 

Knitted Mohair Cacoon Cardigan - Topshop (£46.00)

Clearly snuggly knits are going to be my first investment of the a/w months. And at that price (again) thank the lord i do have my student card for one final week.

Knitted Belted Ribbed Jumper - Topshop (£28.00)

I'm still madly in love with this 50's style jumper and of course, its completely sold out online. I will have to venture in the Oxford St branch and hunt high and low. This would look amazing with a pair of tailored navy chinos and these babies...

Marcus Patent Loafers - Topshop (£28.00)

I'm far too prim for chunky loafers, these however are the daintier version. Sleek and patent, they can be worn with anything. And the price ain't too bad either.

Valentine Leopard Print Patent Pumps - Topshop (£20.00)

Another key trend for a/w i find hard to wear, but a simple snippet of print can transform an outfit. The patent toe instantly distracts them from looking tacky and to OTT.

Rusty Floral Tea Dress - Warehouse (£45.00)

I love a good floral tea dress, the shape and cut of this particular dress has a very vintage feel and i also adore the orange against navy. This dress, knitted black tights and chunky cream cardi as seen above. 

Belted Chinos - New Look (£24.99)

Honestly don't know whats come over me recently, i'm a complete chino convert. I still can't be doing with jeans, i swear my body isn't the right shape for trousers - small waist and bum, big hips - of which won't be child bearing for a long time yet, thanks. But the chino or cigarette pant is whole other story. I bought these chinos in navy last week and i literally am in love. The material is good, thick quality and they don't sag at the ass like many. I would really recommend trying this pair out, i for one can't resist this rust colour.

Swallow Tie Back Dress - New Look (£29.99)

You know what this dress is? Its CUTE. What a horrendous word. But it really is. The cranberry colour, low back and swallow print is just cute. Cute, cute, cute. Even though half the sallows have been beheaded in the weird rouched cut and i'll be damned if i can sod about with a fancy bra. Thoughts?

Belted Posey Shirt Dress - New Look (£27.99)

This looks bloody awful here, but in real life this dress, albeit trying to be as Alexa Chung as it can, is actually a really forgiving tea dress. Sometimes its just full blown embarrassing when stores like New Look try to hit vintage and indie on the head, mostly looking dull and a bit weird really making a beeline straight to the sale rail, but actually this dress is well thought out cut with the dainty petal print and collar.

Belted Chunky Cardigan - River Island Via ASOS. (£32.00)

Another chunky card thrown in for good measure, loving the fisherman's waffle knit with the added thin brown belt, nice touch RI! 

If you have you graduated this year and will soon to be loosing your NUS card you too have my sympathies, and you have just started uni or will be returning, i officially hate you. Not really, but lets not mention it ever again, deal. Thankfully i can use and abuse my brothers soon to be college student card on ASOS, and thank my lucky stars that my NUS card number from my college days STILL work on the Toppers website.

And not forgetting thank you to Dr Dre for the fitting lyric in my post title.